12 thoughts you had while moving out of your dorm

Another school year has passed us by. After you've finished up finals and saying goodbye to your friends, it's time for only one more thing...packing up and moving out.

1. Maybe, I can wait one more day to do all of this packing.


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2. Why did I bring all of this stuff to school?

3. But really why? I've only used half of the things I brought with me.

5. How did I accumulate so many t-shirts? Oh wait. College.

6. No, but I really need a break. I'll watch two episodes, then get back to packing. 

7. Why did I just watch six episodes of Grey's Anatomy? I'm supposed to be packing.


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8. Why wasn't I born a wizard? Why can't I magically clean up all of this stuff at the flick of a wand?

9. Now I feel like watching Harry Potter.



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11. All of this stuff all over my floor is making me very overwhelmed right now. 

12. Note to self: don't pack this much stuff next year.

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