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Q&A between UNC quarterbacks Renner, Pressley

North Carolina quarterback Bryn Renner has fielded the same questions for about a month now.

Most of those questions have been about UNC’s season-opening game at No. 6 South Carolina and, specifically, how the team will manage to stop defensive freak of nature Jadeveon Clowney — a defensive end who did … well … this.

But on Friday, in a media gathering at the Kenan Football Center, Renner had the chance to finally answer some different questions, questions he hasn’t heard time and time again.

That’s because those questions came from a teammate.

Quarterback Bryn Renner throws a pass.

Caleb Pressley, a walk-on quarterback and borderline UNC football celebrity, was filming the first segment of his recently announced Quarterbacking with Caleb Pressley series. Pressley held his own press conference, interviewed Daily Tar Heel reporters and photographers and, at one point, interviewed Renner himself — all in front of cameras.

A video of Pressley’s adventures is due out next week on GoHeels.com. But for now, here’s a transcript of the exchange between Renner and Pressley, beginning with Renner discussing beating out Pressley in training camp and morphing into a heavily sarcastic discussion of the South Carolina game and a certain defensive star.


Bryn Renner on the “quarterback controversy” between him and Pressley: It’s been a tight race. His percentage has really gone up since the spring. I think he has a great handle on the offense, but I think my game experience has really pushed me over the edge.

Caleb Pressley: Do you think that us playing (South Carolina coach Steve) Spurrier, Spurrier’s obviously a dual quarterback guy, do you think that Fedora (would do that?) Because in my opinion, I’m not a proponent of the dual-quarterback system, but with us, when your second string is better than your first string — or your fourth or fifth string is better than your first string — it has to become at least an option somewhere down the road.

BR: Absolutely. I think red zone — you know how they use Tim Tebow — I think you’d be a great red zone guy.

CP: Yeah, I agree. And in the open field, too. Is that what you’re thinking?

BR: Maybe third and one, fourth and one, if you feel confident about running the ball between tackles. You’re pretty shifty outside.

CP: You’re pretty shifty is what I heard.

BR: Yeah.

CP: We’ve got some good momentum here. I have a question for you. I’ve been listening to their questions (looks at reporters).

BR: Can I ask you a question?

CP: You can ask me as many as you want.

BR: What kind of shoes are those? Where’d you get those?

CP: Michael Jordan made these. He attended this university a couple of years ago, so I’m just trying to support him. It’s a UNC thing.

But I have a question for you. So I’ve heard (reporters’ questions), and they’ve been good but kind of soft, honestly. But what do you think about — have you watched film?

BR: Not really. I’m just gonna kind of wing it. Are we playing? When’s the game?

CP: The game? Against South Carolina? It’s Thursday night.

BR: Ah, crap. I’ve got stuff to do. I’m busy.

CP: They’ve got this guy on defense.

BR: What’s his name?

CP: I’m blanking right now.

BR: I thought he quit.

CP: No, no. He was gonna not play, but he’s playing now.

BR: I thought he retired early.

CP: What’s his name?

BR: I have no idea. Ask James (offensive lineman James Hurst).

CP: Oh no, no, no. I know who he’s talking about. It’s their safety. Their guy in the back end. He’s a boundary safety.

BR: Good player.

In another tidbit, Renner and Pressley discussed Renner’s iMow touchdown celebration from last season.
“I think we could bring it back,” Pressley said. “Or we could plan something else. We have two options.”

Pressley added that he and Renner had a new celebration in the works, but that Renner had been practicing it and was “terrible.”

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