7 best iPhone apps for exam productivity

1. Exam Countdown

Price: Free

I’ll always remember my mom telling me about how she once stayed up cramming all night for an exam that she later missed because she got the time mixed up. While it’s a funny story for later, you do NOT want to be a no-show for any of your exams this semester (or ever, really). Exam week can get overwhelming if you’re not careful, but luckily for us Exam Countdown helps keep things in perspective by presenting your classes and exams in an aesthetically pleasing and simple countdown.


2. Forest

Price: $0.99

The logic behind Forest is straightforward: the less you use your phone, the more productive you become.

With this idea in mind, Forest creates a fun game-like atmosphere while actually motivating you to study. The app allows you to plant a tree or shrub seed, which will grow successfully in your forest. However, you must keep Forest open because if you exit it, your plant will die.

Is this too much responsibility for one college student to take on? TBD.

3. DISConnect

Price: Free

If growing a forest doesn’t excite you enough to stay off your phone, perhaps DISConnect will.

Like Forest, the app’s main goal is to increase your productivity by putting down your smartphone. Once opened, DISConnect will prompt you to either host or join a “session” where you will not be able to exit the app. If you choose to host, you can send the four-digit passcode it gives you to your friends and they can enter your session. If any of them leave before the designated time is up, DISConnect will notify you.

4. MyScript Calculator

Price: Free

Are you a STEM major? Or simply trying to get your QI requirement out of the way? In any case, you probably know the agonizing pain of trying to solve a complicated math equation in the iPhone’s default calculator app. Thankfully, MyScript Calculatorlets you literally write square roots, trigonometric functions, logs, percents and other mathematical functions and transcribes it effortlessly into an equation.

5. PowerNap

Price: $1.99

PowerNap is the sister-app of my most used and cherished app on my phone, Sleep Cycle, an alarm clock which wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep.

If you find yourself reading the same paragraph over and over and over again (which will happen if it hasn’t already), I suggest a power nap. According to WebMD, power naps will boost your memory, cognitive skills, creativity, and energy level.

6. Evernote

Price: Free

There’s a reason this probably isn’t your first time hearing about Evernote, and for good reason. It’s the essential must-have app for any student wanting to organize their life #digitally.

Evernote displays your notes in a clean and searchable layout while also giving you the option to share them with classmates. One useful feature is being able to “Work Chat”– this function lets you discuss them with your friends without having to even leave the app. The best part about Evernote is that you can access it on your laptop or any other device, while being less mysterious than the “Cloud.”

7. CamScanner

Price: Free

Sending notes to your friends has never been easier.

CamScanner auto-crops, brightens and enhances pictures of documents and turns them into more legible notes to share with classmates via PDF or JPEG files. It’s perfect for a late-night cram sesh or if you just generously want to help that friend that keeps skipping lecture.

This app is even more mind-boggling than MyScript Calculator’s ability to read messy handwriting.

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