A guide to navigating rush-hour traffic

Rush-hour traffic in the morning and the afternoon sucks, but there are ways to get through it without screaming or causing harm to yourself and others.

6:00am — You open your eyes and realize that you are joining the seemingly soulless monolith of strangers that form a very special type of community: the commuters.

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You, like everyone else, doesn’t see themselves as apart of the commuting crowd when they start out. It’s all “please don’t hurt me, I don’t even like driving,” and the next day you’re telling the mom driving the minivan with a ‘Baby on Board’ sticker that she should pick up her pace or you’ll do it for her.

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And here you are.

Buckle up, buttercup. You’re in for a stop-and-go kind of ride.

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“How am I supposed to do this?”

Never fear. You’re not alone. In fact, according the 2013 Census Report, 86% of workers in the US commuted to their jobs in private vehicles, and having you on the road makes you part of a giant club of drivers in the morning and afternoon rush hour.

Here’s how you can get through it:

Keep cool:

Try your best to be calm and collected when you’re driving. I usually say that emotionally distressed drivers are dangerous drivers. And I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Try not to be too impatient with other drivers on the road, even when that can seem utterly impossible.

Believe me. I understand because it is so hard.

“Keep cooly-cool boy.”

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Keep your music volume low:

This sounds silly because you're thinking “my eyes are on the road not my ears duh." Well actually, there is multiple stimuli being received by your senses, so your ability to truly concentrate can be inhibited if your music is loud enough to be considered a distraction.

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Try to keep your phone out of reach:

This seems like a ‘duh’ statement, but  you shouldn’t be checking your Facebook feed in stop-and-go traffic. If you need to use it as a GPS, get a mount for the window or a vent — you can buy them here.

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Be alert:

Make sure that when you’re driving both in the morning as well as the afternoon that you are alert and capable to drive safely. If you need to, drink something caffeinated before you commute to make sure that won’t fall asleep at the wheel because that would be a sucky nap and you would probably crash. Don’t doze off and drive.

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Be early in the morning:
Leaving your house earlier in the morning can mean that you have to wake up earlier, but it can also ensure that you’re on time to work and at ease about being on time instead of stressing about not making it to your 8:00 a.m. meeting.

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Always have patience:

Be patient, young padawan. If you met tragedy, think of what is most important in your life and know that putting yourself and others in danger to make it on time to a meeting or get home a second earlier isn’t worth it.

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