Young Democrats endorse Opere, College Republicans endorse Taylor

After collaborating to host a debate Wednesday, the College Republicans and Young Democrats made different choices with their student body president endorsements.

The Republicans endorsed candidate John Taylor, and the Democrats endorsed candidate Bradley Opere.

Student government

At the debate, the three candidates were asked what changes they would enact to student government and how.

Candidate Wilson Sink discussed the importance of diversity within Student Congress.

“It’s important to work with Student Congress … as a single individual you can’t physically represent all parts of campus," Sink said. "It’s important to recognize that, for me to listen to student voices."

Opere plans to restructure student government by introducing a data bank to increase diversity within student government and by adding a faculty adviser program.

Taylor said he has not participated in student government while at UNC, but he believes that gives him a good perspective on the student body.

“I understand more what the disconnects are, and so I think I can help bridge that gap,” Taylor said.

UNC Association of Student Governments

“Right now we know at the state level, HBCUs are currently being severely underfunded through the Board of Governors and through the Association of Student Government," Opere said. "I want UNC to be part of that solution." 

Opere said he wants student body presidents to lobby together as a united voice for schools in the UNC system.

Taylor said the University can be a leader for other system schools and suggested student body presidents be open and transparent.

“We have got to remember that we are the flagship university of our UNC system," Taylor said. "We have got to be the leader."

Sink said a united voice is not enough, so his administration will give students information on politicians and encourage them to vote.

“We will make sure that every student has no excuse not to be part of the political process," Sink said. "No student has an excuse to sit on the sidelines."

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