Reasons why Harrison Barnes should stay at UNC


Harrison, now that two of your fellow basketball teammates have announced that they are staying for another year, here are reasons why you too should stay:

If you stay, you and the other basketball players will comprise a basketball team that will undoubtedly be the No.1 team in the country based on strength and ability.

Case in point: Remember the 2009 UNC team that won the Championship? They were No.1 in the preseason and pretty much rolled through the NCAA tournament to take the title.

If you leave now, you will not be the No.1 draft pick. Walker and Irving will most likely be the top two, followed by other strong players from Final Four teams.

If you wait and help lead our team to a successful season and do well individually, nobody will argue with you being the No.1 or top two pick in 2012, hence a better contract and more money.

You are a competitor like Michael Jordan was — not satisfied with not winning. The loss in the Elite Eight should spur on the desire to go all the way. Let the fire in you help lead us to another championship!

There is nothing — ask anyone who is a Tar Heel — sweeter than a spring day on the Hill and nothing sweeter than the night we win the championship.

What could be sweeter, too, than to sweep the Dookies and win another ACC title?

With our current players and those coming in, we’ll rock the house!

Kathy Morgan
Cont. Ed. Office
The Friday Center

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