New athletic director shows character


I had the privilege of coaching the women’s rowing team at the University of Tulsa under Bubba Cunningham’s watch. The staff member who normally drove our boats to our races abruptly quit, leaving just myself and the head coach on the staff. We had an upcoming race in New Jersey, and since I had to accompany the team on the flight, our head coach was going to have to drive a 40-foot trailer carrying over $180,000 in boats and equipment by himself from Oklahoma.

Bubba stepped up and offered to accompany our head coach on the drive, fully aware it meant a 26-hour drive each way, two days of standing along the banks of a river watching rowing races and seven days away from his family. This was by no means the luxurious travel that is often tied to athletic directors like flying to a bowl game or the Final Four.

Bubba showed extreme character and care for the 38 rowers on our team and he stepped up to whatever we asked of him. I’m excited that he is bringing his passion and leadership to UNC.

Julie Domina
Olympic Sports Administrative Assistant
UNC Athletic Department

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