Music Review: Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz

Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz’ debut album captures the raw sounds of a performance fit for a bar.

Johnny Staxx and his two bandmates, known individually as Fast Freddy Fantastic and Crack Daddy Slim, began performing live in the Triangle in late 2010.

Its first studio release is As Real as Possible — appropriately named, as there’s a point at which taking their music too seriously is a challenge.


Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz
As Real as Possible
Blues rock

As Real as Possible evokes rhythmic styles flaunted by prominent modern rockers and blues revivalists like the Black Keys and the White Stripes.

Melodies heavily laden with harmonica riffs and the occasional cowbell supplement the group’s raw rock ‘n’ roll edge.

Staxx and company infuse their vocals and instrumentation with an exciting, palpable energy that makes each track sound like it could go on all night long. A critical party attitude pervades all 10 tracks.

And with songs like “ WTF,” “Bad Thangz” and “’58 Chevy,” it’s no surprise that Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz have a rough-around-the-edges style that’s perfect for both a stage and a dance floor.

In “The Whiskey Song,” Staxx gruffly sings, “I wake up in the morning / and I pour myself a shot / Sometimes it ain’t a little / sometimes it is a lot.”

The background of “Phreak Owt” — an upbeat dance tune — features female fans “woo”-ing and applauding enthusiastically.

Although As Real as Possible’s quality of production is often gritty or unrefined, Staxx, Fantastic and Slim show their affinity for having a good time and providing one for their audience, if little else.

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