Petitions: We generally don't sign them

Earlier today, we got a tweet from the speaker of Student Congress regarding whether Daily Tar Heel staffers could sign a petition calling for the state-mandated $200 tuition increase to be returned to UNC-system campuses.

Happy birthday to The Daily Tar Heel

Today marks the 117th birthday of The Daily Tar Heel, and we're celebrating with our annual tradition: placing a piece of cake on the grave of our most celebrated alumnus, Charles Kuralt, in the Old Chapel Hill Cemetery.

Ira Glass gives the kvetching board a shout-out

We've gotten quite a few kvetches about Ira Glass since the public radio host spoke at Memorial Hall on Saturday.Glass made a plea for students to write him in. "I'd be so proud if I made it into the kvetching board.""It's such a genius move for a newspaper," Glass said. "Why doesn't the New York Times have that? That's why they're going out of business."We're glad Glass likes it, but credit for the idea has to go to former Editor Joe Schwartz, who started the weekly feature a few years ago, giving aggrieved roommates, scorned lovers and the generally peeved a place to sound off.

NCSU's Technician spoofs the DTH

The UNC-NCSU basketball game also marks the annual Technician spoof of The Daily Tar Heel.This year's Daily Tar Hell, features stories on "Tyler Hansbobo" and a new dress requirement for tailgating. The detail on this is great: It looks just like the regular paper, and they've even copied how we do the weather on the front page. (Their  prediction for today: "It's gonna be rainin' threes if Glaves plays").Check it out: 

Read our print edition online with Scribd

We've changed how we post our print edition online. Starting today, you can see what the paper version looks like using Scribd. You can subscribe through Scribd to follow when we publish new issues.

A taste of accuracy pie

I took a pie in my face Monday in the holy name of accuracy. As part of a newsroom contest to see who could catch the most errors before they made it into print, I offered up my face as a prize. In the first week, the opportunity to pie me in public proved more lucrative than a $10 gift card. The pie dripping down my face was sweet. But a more error-free paper will be even sweeter.

Why we disabled comments

For much of the evening Tuesday, "Two more students arrested for cocaine" was the most commented story on It fell in the most commented rankings as we moderated and removed comments, and eventually we disabled commenting on the story altogether.