The sun rises over campus.

UNC Bucket List #99: take a walk across campus early in the morning

UNC Bucket List is a weekly feature highlighting the 100 things students should attempt before they graduate. Check out the full bucket list and all previous Bucket List posts here.

Bucket List Item Number 99: Take a walk across campus early in the morning before anyone else is awake

If you’re up early studying for midterms, a walk around campus can be very centering. Arguably, UNC is at its best in springtime, and it’s most peaceful in the morning. I took a walk around campus this morning, and here’s how yours might go:

6:45 AM: Look east to see the sunrise. (If you’re standing on Polk Place, look toward Davis Library.)

7:03 AM: Sit in front of Wilson Library. Though the sunrise isn’t visible from this point, you can enjoy Polk Place when the only sound is that of birds chirping.

7:18 AM: Take a seat at Rutledge Tufts’ bench in McCorkle Place. Feel connected to nature with the Upper Quad’s arboreal advantage while enjoying UNC landmarks such as Davie Poplar, the Morehead Planetarium and the Old Well.

8:00 Assuming you got up early for class, don’t be late.

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