Photo of the Day: April 7

Vincent Mammone of Chapel Hill-based Creative Learning About Wildlife Species holds a great horned owl. The nonprofit has aimed to rescue and rehabiilltate local wild and exotic animals including owls and kangaroos since 2004.

Photo of the Day: April 6

Joey DeRusso competing in a trial run of the Chancellor's Chase. It is a race to win a day with Chancellor Holden Thorp where competitors earn points for the number of clothes discarded during a timed race. The clothes are being donated to the IFC shelter.

Photo of the Day: April 4

One-of-a-kind birdhouses and feeders crafted by North Carolina artists are on display at the Carolina Inn’s ninth annual Birdhouses on Parade. The display will continue through Sunday and includes other spring-themed events, such as afternoon tea times at the Carolina Crossroads Restaurant and a “Build Your Own Birdhouse” workshop. The local artists whose birdhouses are on dis-play include Leonard Greco, Stan Cheren, Robert Shuping, Pam Williams and Gerry Mittelstadt.

Photo of the Day: February 3

 Ernest Dollar, executive director of the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill, stands in front of the home at 115 Battle Lane. The home was built in 1908 by Edward Kidder Graham, former president of the University.

Photo of the Day: December 7

 UNC Junior Chelsea Smith withdrew from school due to intense pain caused by hypermobility disorder. This is a decent portrait with a nice one-thirds composition and a clean background.

Photo of the Day: November 30

 Encore azaleas bloom in front of the Christmas tree at the University Baptist Church on Franklin St. on Monday night. This new hybrid of the spring-blooming plant has flowers throughout the fall months.