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The Daily Tar Heel uses Twitter to connect with readers and share stories. We want to hear from you. If you want have photos, videos, an event you want to share with us, a question, or just want to talk, reply to @dailytarheel. Enter your name in our Twitter database below and use it to look for other locals on Twitter.

Confused? Want to learn more? The Daily Tar Heel has reporters who can talk to your group about social media. E-mail us if you’d like someone to meet with your group.

DTH editors on Twitter

Andrew Dunn, Editor-in-Chief: andrew_dunn
Kellen Moore, Managing Editor for Newsroom Operations: mkellen
Sara Gregory, Managing Editor for Online: saragregory
Emily Stephenson, Community Manager: ewstephe
Andrew Harrell, University Editor: andrewharrell
Ryan Barber, Assistant University Editor: cryanbarber
Eliza Kern, Assistant University Editor: eliza_kern
Steven Norton, Assistant University Editor: steven_norton
Sarah Frier, City Editor: sarahfrier
Mark Abadi, Assistant City Editor, mark_abadi
Kelly Poe, Assistant City Editor: kelly_poe
Tori Stilwell, Assistant City Editor: toristilwell
Tarini Parti, Assistant State & National Editor: tparti
Katy Doll, Arts Editor: katydoll10
David Reynolds, Sports Editor: davidlreynolds
Jonathan Jones, Assistant Sports Editor: jjones9
Mark Thompson, Assistant Sports Editor: m_thompson89
Megan Walsh, Assistant Sports Editor: mkwal
Carter McCall, Online Editor: cfmccall
Jarrard Cole, Multimedia Editor: jarrardcole
Will Cooper, Assistant Multimedia Editor: cooperw1