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Column: Why I still hate Duke

(02/17/15 6:34pm)

This column originally ran in a 2007 issue of The Daily Tar HeelI always hated it when alumni came back and waxed rhapsodic about their undergrad years. "Yes," I would always think to myself, "I know there were kegs in the dorms, I know there was free love outside Bingham Hall, I know that everyone sung in harmony about a perfect world, blah blah blah..."So why listen to me, you might ask? Well, usually in this spot, the DTH runs an old chestnut I wrote about Why I Hate Dook. I had a Wednesday column back in the Bronze Age of 1990, and I told the story of how my high school visit to Durham turned into a flaming pyre of white-hot hostility.

14-day hunger strike ends, protest goes to Washington

(06/30/10 11:56pm)

Viridiana Martinez has known since the age of 12 that she wanted to work in international relations when she grew up. It was only after she graduated high school and her friends started wondering why she wasn’t pursuing that dream in college that she told them the truth — she is an undocumented immigrant. Admitting that taboo fact has become routine for Martinez, who emigrated from Mexico when she was 7 years old.

Obama favors DREAM Act in Thursday speech

(07/02/10 1:10pm)

President Obama’s speech Thursday laid out a new set of priorities for his administration pertaining to comprehensive immigration reform. Just three days after three young women ended their hunger strike in downtown Raleigh, a two-week effort to bring attention to the DREAM Act, the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, Obama voiced his support for the act on Thursday.

UNC libraries put digital map collection online

(07/07/10 2:01pm)

UNC libraries boosted its digital collections with the addition of thousands of state maps — the result of a three-year project that was completed last week. The North Carolina Maps project provides over 3,000 historic maps of the state in an interactive online map collection. “Previously anyone can look at these maps but you had to come into the library or the archives.