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J Rowdy releases debut album


Although New York City and Los Angeles are considered the major cultural hubs for hip-hop music, local hip-hop artist Josh Rowsey thinks Durham should get more credit.

Bonnaroo : Summer camp for college kids


Sweaty bodies hover against each other, separated by each others’ backpacks. Everyone chatters amongst their friends and strangers, remarking on the bands they’ve seen so far and playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to pass the time.

Opinion: It’s not just about pianos

Last spring, Carol brought “Heart and Soul” to this campus — literally.

Pianos filled the campus for the Arts Everywhere initiative as students of all majors suddenly remembered the Level 1 songs from the keyboard lessons their moms made them take in first grade.

WOTS: How are you involved with the arts at UNC?


Ellie Sheild

Senior political science major and Spanish minor

“I try to go to the Carolina Performing Arts Theater at least four times per semester.”

Malik Currence

Junior sociology major and studio arts minor

“I am a studio arts minor with a concentration in photography.”

Joe Plever

Junior computer science major and German minor

“I attended a performance at Memorial Hall called ‘Journey Into Asia’ and enjoyed it."

Thomas Andrews

Junior economics major and Hispanic linguistics minor

“I love the Kenan Theater performances.

Q&A with soap actress Melissa Claire Egan


Melissa Claire Egan, famous for playing Annie on All My Children and Chelsea on The Young and the Restless, graduated from UNC with a degree in dramatic art in 2003.

LGBTQ Center of Durham hosts zine festival

The LBGTQ Center of Durham isn’t exactly what one might expect when imagining a center created to act as a network of support for Durham’s queer community: it’s a large purple house, and on Saturday, it was a packed one.

Students find the business of art in econ class

Many college classes follow the same format, which centers on lectures, papers and tests. Often times, the knowledge gained may never be applied outside of the class and monotony certainly kicks in.

Fourth annual erotic fiction reading will occur at Linda's on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, Linda's Bar and Grill on Franklin Street is hosting an erotic fiction reading presented by UNC-Chapel Hill's LAB! Theatre group, a student-run theatre organization. 

N.C. general assembly gets musical


When UNCSA graduates Charles Osborne and Leo Hurley wrote “The Body Politic,” they envisioned it being performed on Broadway stage — not the North Carolina General Assembly.

Moogfest is a four-day festival coming to Durham May 19 through 22


Leave the flower crowns and snapchat filters at home because the upcoming Moogfest will be a typical music festival — or at least that's how UNC graduate Marisa Brickman sees it.

Children's book exhibit debuts at Wilson Library

Wilson Special Collections Library will host "Corruption of the Innocents: Controversies about Popular Children’s Books" in the Melba Remig Saltarelli Exhibit Room beginning April 28.

Business school looks to first annual drag ball

Preparing for finals? Ugh, what a drag!

Music department's Rock Lab jams for finals at Local 506

For most UNC students, final exams means long, quiet hours spent studying. But John Brackett’s MUSC158 class, the final exam is all about volume and star power. 

MUSC 158 is Rock Lab, a spring semester course in which students learn the ins and outs of forming a rock band.

The class is in its fourth year at UNC.

HB2 rocks music scene

Big names like Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr and most recently Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are canceling their concerts in North Carolina to protest House Bill 2.

Poetry springs to life this month in Chapel Hill with haiku project

Roses are red, violets are blue, and this month, Chapel Hill is writing haiku.

Throughout April, the town of Chapel Hill is inviting locals to take part in a haiku project.

Prince’s purple reign at Carmichael in 1980s


Lavonda Burnette said her love of Prince has shaped her life. 

Q&A with fraternity member, wing connoisseur Jalen Spruill on the best wings at UNC

This weekend, the fraternity members of Pi Lambda Phi, Kappa Sigma and Zeta Psi united for the first-ever Wing Fest, a fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity that featured a variety of wings as well as a wing-eating competition. Staff writer Hangzhang Connie Jin spoke with sophomore Pi Lambda Phi member and co-organizer Jalen Spruill about the event, why wings and what makes the best wings.

'Cyrano' debuted for Company Carolina's end-of-year finale

Company Carolina took to the stage to perform "Cyrano" at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro last weekend.

From Waffle House worker to Waffle Street author: UNC graduate James Adam writes about his experience

After acquiring an MBA in finance from UNC, James Adams went to work as a product manager in a hedge fund.

Senior celebrates dad’s life, graduation


Senior Lauren Offer and her father were inseparable.