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The Inter-Faith Council for Social Service opened its doors to the homeless men and women of Chapel Hill in 1963. Since then the council has opened a residential facility for homeless men in Orange County, started offering mental health services for low-income, and began distributing fresh, local foods to the hungry. 

In 2011, the Chapel Hill Town Council approved a special use permit for a $4.7 million homeless shelter for the Inter-Faith Council. The new facility will replace the shelter’s current location at 100 W. Rosemary St. The new shelter will hold 52 beds and expanded facilities, including an exercise room, work spaces, a medical facility and a dental clinic.

They broke ground on the new community house on May 5, 2014.

'You're here now, let's move on': Relieving homelessness through community


The first thing Lisa Anthony does when someone new arrives at the Inter-Faith Council Community House is offer a tour of the place.

Inter-Faith Council appoints new executive director, Jackie Jenks


Out of a pool of 72 candidates, the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service has selected its new executive director. Jackie Jenks will start work on April 10.

'Their home until they find something better': Housing Orange County's homeless


Corey Root found the American dream overseas.

Inter-Faith Council presents proposal for FoodFirst building

The Inter-Faith Council’s FoodFirst building has been years in the making.

RSVPP fundraiser helps curb hunger in the community


November marks the 28th year that the restaurants of Chapel Hill and Carrboro have teamed up with the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service to provide meals for the hungry. 

Inter-Faith Council moves forward after executive director resigns


Michael Reinke, former executive director of the Inter-Faith Council, recently resigned due to a family member's health issues. 

IFC's FoodFirst looks to the future

The Inter-Faith Council for Social Service began a conversation 13 years ago that later became FoodFirst, a combination of the IFC’s community kitchen and food pantry.

More than 300 residents join CROP Walk for local and global hunger relief


"Be Good. Do Good." 

Business owner proposes to end hunger in half of a decade

Ruffin Slater, general manager of Hillsborough's Weaver Street Market, has challenged local government and businesses to eliminate world hunger in the next five years.

FoodFirst draws mixed reactions from Carrboro community

On March 23, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a text amendment to the land use ordinance that would allow social organizations to provide food services to the community.

Carrboro Aldermen unanimously approve amendment for IFC's FoodFirst kitchen


In order to allow the Inter-Faith Council to build a community kitchen for their FoodFirst initiative, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen voted to allow organizations that provide social services to provide food services to the community.

Orange County community leaders hold public forum on homelessness


When discussing the issue of homelessness in Orange County, community leaders challenged residents to learn more about the homeless population.

School board yet to approve IFC, Piedmont co-location

The Inter-Faith Council for Social Service and Piedmont Health Services pitched the idea to the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools last month of including their respective services in the redevelopment of the Lincoln Center.

A look at homelessness in Orange County: Services, nonprofits work to lower the numbers

“Once I am well, I will find a job, then get back on my feet,” said Ronald Benfield, resident at the Inter-Faith Council Community House.

Year in Review: Homeless shelter finds new location, food operation center discussed


The Chapel Hill homeless shelter has finally found a new home. 

Letter: Homelessness should not be made invisible


Recently, a nice lady came to my shop with a petition opposing the Inter-Faith Council’s proposed community kitchen. I said I supported the IFC. She said, “Oh I do too, just not in downtown Carrboro.

Old Town Hall to stay on as kitchen

The Inter-Faith Council for Social Service, a Carrboro-based social work organization, is planning the construction of a new building in Carrboro called FoodFirst to consolidate their services.

Carrboro debates IFC community kitchen

A passionate debate ensued at the Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday over a proposed text amendment which would establish community kitchens as a permitted use in Carrboro.

IFC provides meal for Thanksgiving


Trying to imagine celebrating Thanksgiving without Thanksgiving dinner is hard, but this is often a reality for many people in need in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Luckily, the Inter-Faith Council is there to help those who would have otherwise gone without.

111 restaurants pledge support for RSVVP Day


If you eat out on Tuesday, a portion of the proceeds from your meal may be donated to support hunger-relief programs.