Letter: Mentorship made Late Night With Roy great

 TO THE EDITOR: The best experience at Late Night with Roy and our Tar Heels wasn’t only the raising of the banner to celebrate a national championship, as that happens every year around the country. 

Letter: UNC's hospitality is unmatched

[On the weekend of Oct. 7], my family and I made our first ever trip to UNC for the ND game.  The welcoming, friendly greetings that we received from so many UNC students, alums and fans was second to none. 

Letter: Does Barnes & Noble care about students?

One year after the university’s corporatizers predicted that Barnes & Noble would raise more money for student scholarships than the now-defunct, university-owned Bull’s Head Bookshop and Daily Grind coffee shop did, let us examine how Barnes & Noble does this, and at what cost. 

Letter: Early voting info— and why it matters

Decisions by local elected officials affect students, and the federal census on which political representation and redistricting is based lists students where they live in April, almost always an academic year address. 

Letter: Rep. Moore's past homophobic remarks

“We are not a sex club. We are not having orgies at our meetings” This defense was issued following a controversial decision by the UNC Student Congress during the Summer 1991 when most students were not on campus

Letter: Dept. of Religious Studies on Silent Sam

The following statement concerning the Confederate memorial on McCorkle Place was approved by the faculty of UNC Chapel Hill’s Department of Religious Studies on Wednesday, October 4, 2017: It is impossible to study religion without recognizing the importance of cultural, social, and political diversity, the enormous power of material objects and the profound ways in which the past pervades the present. 

Letters: KKK still has a right to First Amendment

Regarding a 1975 campus invitation to former KKK leader David Duke, political science major Andrew Brennen writes “Does Arthur Pope still believe that the KKK have a legitimate claim to first amendment protection when they speak and recruit students at campus sponsored events?” As a long-time member of the ACLU, I certainly believe that they do.  

Letter: Art Pope responds to letter to the editor

It is unfortunate that the The Daily Tar Heel chose to further inflame the growing polarization and extremism in our society, by publishing a letter to the editor by Andrew Brennan, Oct. 2, with the false and malicious headline, “Art Pope’s racist history with UNC.” 

Letter: Meantime's silence to UNC boycott

The Meantime Coffee Co. has displayed an inadequate response to the Board of Governors’ litigation ban and the university’s decision to not remove Silent Sam while enjoying increased profits from the UNC boycott. 

DTH is silent on intolerance against SJP

Today, several posters calling us (SJP) terrorists were hung up around campus (I have pictures of them).  As an Arab and a Muslim, I constantly have to deal with this kind of blatant bigotry and stereotyping on and off campus, and have yet to see any coverage about it on any kind of media outlet in Chapel Hill after the shooting of the 3 Muslim students in 2015. 

DTH, please change your website

Five of us are UNC alums. Our marketing team was looking into the possibility of buying ad space in the DTH a few days ago as part of an effort to recruit UNC pre-med students for our programs.  But I’ve got some bad news. We didn’t. And we won’t. Why? Because your website looks like it was designed by a three-year-old on a sugar high. It’s really bad. 

Art Pope's racist history with UNC

In January 1975, a campus organization called the Union Forum used student fees to bring the National Information Director of the KKK to campus. His name was David Duke.   Black students at the time were outraged.