Letter: ​Wooden would not be proud of Roy Williams

John Wooden lived by these words: 1. Never lie.

Letter:​ Cowardice will not make a difference

I am a non-student reader. I am old and liberal.

Letter: We should care about what the people think

Over the past several years it has become apparent to me that this nation’s people-centered, democratic republic has become eroded to the point of no longer functioning as, of and for the people.

Letter: Support fluoridated water in communities

I applaud the April 17 editorial cartoon supporting the benefits of fluoridation.

Letter: Money should never trump civil rights

HB2 and the subsequent “compromise bill,” HB 142, are actually identity-based issues about the rights of the LGBTQ community, and in particular, the transgender community.

Letter: ​Celebrate research from undergraduates

On April 27, UNC students from all fields of study will present their research at UNC-Chapel Hill’s 18th Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research.

Letter: ​Feeding prisoners is not shameful

I was disappointed to read “The Real Price of Food,” which argues that we should avoid business with UNC’s food service provider because “Aramark supplies food for public and private prisons,” and thus “If you’re against Aramark for their prison involvement,” you should “speak out with your dollars.”

Letter: Safe spaces are not segregation

We are two ‘non-whites’ who felt compelled to respond to your letter to the editor which claimed that a space for only people of color is evidence of reverse-racism. We disagree.

Letter: A non-whites only space is reverse racist

In February of 2017, University of Michigan students demanded a non-whites only, segregated space to organize social justice efforts.

Letter: ​Celebrate Holi Moli and UNC diversity

For years, Carolina has put on one of the biggest events of the year, Holi Moli, an opportunity to celebrate the Southeast Asian festival, Holi, with the campus community.

Letter: A pre-graduation graduation speech

It’s spring, and the graduates are in bloom in their array of beautiful — yet sometimes tacky — colors in every city and state in this country. 

Letter: ​Corporations have no soul, are not people

There is a ballot measure, the “We the People” Act (H453 and S354), making its way through the legislative process stating that corporations are NOT people and money is NOT speech.

Letter: ​Bo time? More like antibiotics time…

Bo time is a good time. However, it could be better if this well-known company would fully commit to taking all routine antibiotics out of their products.

Letter: ​What’s a better way to combat extremism?

While Dr. Anna Bigelow offers important critiques of the Countering Violent Extremism program, I would love to hear a better strategy for addressing the problems the UNC grant is meant to address.

Letter: ​Take steps to protect your internet privacy

In response to a piece published Thursday on Congress’s change in internet privacy regulation by Paige Colpo, I want to emphasize that this action is absolutely against the interest of the public.

Letter: Corporations have no place in government

A corporation is a business structure; it is not a person; and money is property; it is not speech.

Letter: Do not misrepresent the chains of 2 Chainz

First of all, I appreciated your article ... about the 2 Chainz concert.

Letter: ​The party ended early on Franklin Street

It was heartening to see UNC kids rushing the floor of the Smith Center on Monday, to see that enthusiasm and joie de vivre are still possible in a dark world.

Letter: How can UNC honor what it forbids?

On Tuesday afternoon, I attended the Diversity Awards at the Pleasants Room in Wilson Library. 

Letter: ​The NCAA needs to pay athletes

Is there integrity there when some of the student-athletes on the court are playing the game of their life while not even seeing one penny?