Kvetching Board

Kvetching Board for Dec. 2, 2016

Here’s the top kvetches from this past semester! Thank you for allowing us to serve as a sounding board for your questions, comments, concerns and above all: complaints!



Opinion: Gift giving can be stressful. Donations are always nice.

The holiday season is here! While there is no shortage of things to look forward to — presents, family, alcoholic eggnog to avoid said family — it is not all great. Gift giving is a social waltz that can make you look stingy, foolish, lavish or like a bad friend. 


Letter: ​Keep journalism free in North Carolina

It is most nettlesome to continue to encounter indications, implications and intimations that North Carolina state government, including the three Research Triangle universities, would participate in any way in any kind of government-controlled journalism arrangements or operations.

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