Column: You’ll never run out of work

Inevitably, over the last few years, whenever someone has found out that I am a Chapel Hill native, they have made something along the lines of this comment: “Really got away from home, huh?”


Opinion: All Greeks should push for programs to prevent rape

In 2014, UNC’s Interfraternity Council amended its constitution to mandate that all of its 22 member organizations require new and executive board members to attend a sexual assault prevention program offered by an approved group, such as One Act or One Act for Greeks.


Letter: 9/11 class is a part of UNC traditions

As a 19-year veteran of the U.S. Navy and Chair of the Faculty, and in reference to an article in Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Tar Heel, I am writing with the strongest support for Professor Neel Ahuja and his first-year seminar course, English 72: Literature of 9/11.

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