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Column: Repent, heed the end of days

Column: Repent, heed the end of days

The trees are breeding, the tour groups are in full swarm and the academic end times are upon us. I don’t have my cap and gown yet, but I already feel that sickly mix of dread and apathy that means our time has come. And sure enough, there’s less than a month until roughly a quarter of us ride off in the hellish chariot of post-graduate life, pulled by a hairy mutant beast out of Revelations and sponsored by University Career Services.


Quickhits for April 17, 2014

After one of its bartenders was charged with selling alcohol to a minor, He’s Not Here has announced that it will no longer host 18 and up events. Now students under 21 will have to wait years before entering the bar. Or get a fake ID that kinda maybe looks like them if you squint really hard and just go with it.


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