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Kvetching Board for Jan. 20, 2017

It’s only the second week of school and I’m already so tired that I tried to unlock my room with my car remote. It didn’t work.


Column: Help me feed my caffeine addiction

Column: Help me feed my caffeine addiction

UNC students work hard enough to merit an independent coffee shop easily accessible from campus. We have plenty of food places, we have bars, we have convenience stores, but if you want a high quality cup of coffee, you have to walk a good distance.


Opinion: More space for pick-up sports

Among our ultra-successful varsity programs, many sports clubs and the eclectic mix of intramural leagues run by Campus Recreation, there are wonderful organized outlets on campus for students to enjoy watching and playing sports.


Letter: Student-athletes should not be paid

On many college campuses, student-athletes are seeking monetary payments for their performances on the playing field. Paying student-athletes would jeopardize the very existence of collegiate athletics.

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