Topics: Student Groups and Organizations

There are hundreds of student groups and organizations on UNC’s campus. Categories include academic, cultural, religious, fraternity and sorority, ideological, political, media and performance. Find out more about the groups available on the student life website.

Students go purple for relationship violence awareness

DSC_0664 (1)

What began as a conversation about a person’s purple hair became a unique idea to fight one of the most problematic issues facing college campuses today.

WXYC wants to take you out of your comfort zone


It's always live at WXYC. For Joanna Zhang, better known on air as DJ Spilt Coffee, WXYC is about much more than what’s on air.

Harvest moon casts light on food insecurities

As the bright Harvest moon fills the Carolina sky, the Forest Theatre reveals an impeccably earthy setting surrounded by stone and greens inviting UNC to take a break from the day to reflect on the very thing that keeps us moving—food. 

Qué Rico explores Latin American culture through dance

Que Rico

With performance season in full swing, Que Rico is feeling the pressure to succeed. 

SHHO shows how hip-hop drives social change

SHHO contributing REAL ONE

Hip-hop transcends all barriers, and the Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO) wants to make that clear to the student body as it focuses on the creation and appreciation of hip-hop. 

Rising numbers of college students experiencing basic needs insecurity


With the high prices of college tuition, a growing number of students are experiencing food and housing insecurity in both community colleges and four-year institutions.

University of Louisville to stop funding for student newspaper

The University of Louisville announced it will discontinue financial support for "The Louisville Cardinal," its student newspaper, by the end of the Spring 2018 semester on July 25. 

UNC student uses his past to launch an empathetic leadership program


Just 7 years ago, junior Amit Dodani was a timid eighth-grader, insecure about his speech impediment. The inability to speak in public became one of his greatest fears. 

Today, Dodani is a confident speaker, one who uses his past to inspire young students to become empathetic leaders. 

Habitat for Humanity receives grant to build UNC staff member's home


 UNC’s Habitat for Humanity chapter received a $20 thousand matching grant to supplement its fundraising efforts toward the building of a house for a UNC health care worker.

Campus Y banners taken down by UNC

On Saturday, Campus Y banners hung in response to Charlottesville were taken down by the University, citing violation of building codes.

Project jumpstarts refugees' college aspirations

When senior Riley Foster first started tutoring young refugee students, she assumed she was being encouraging and reaffirming of their abilities. But when one student casually mentioned he was never going to go to college because his parents couldn’t afford it, Foster felt disheartened. 

Ballroom dance is a club of champions


UNC's ballers get a lot more attention, but its ballroom dancers also win national championships. 

Weekend conference seeks to educate high schoolers on social justice


In high school, it is easy to feel alone, different, or stuck. In a community where location may be the only thing you have in common with peers, it can be difficult to talk about your aspirations and passions, or to even be the person that you would like to be.

Student "artivists" have rhythm with poetry, rap


“To a Friend Somewhere in Chicago” is a personal letter to an old friend. But unlike most letters, it doesn’t have just one reader—or any readers at all, really.

Kenan-Flagler serves executive realness at Pride Club's second annual drag ball

Tonight at The Strowd, UNC students and members of the surrounding community will have the chance to experience and participate in drag culture at the Kenan-Flagler Business School’s Pride Club’s second annual drag ball. 

Milk and honey participants perform poetry, song and dance in affirming space


Dancing, poetry and creating a safe performance space were all parts of the biannual “Milk and Honey” event.

Carolina Cupboard prepares to move into new pantry location in the fall

Carolina Cupboard has postponed its move into another room of Avery Hall’s basement until the Week of Welcome in fall 2017.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month gives students the tools and resources to prevent sexual assault


In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month during April, organizations both on and off campus collaborated to address the problem of sexual assault and gender violence to the UNC community.

New student club aims to connect collectors at UNC


Justin Do’s Nintendo DS collection inspired him to start a club — but not for fellow Nintendo DS enthusiasts. It’s for collecting enthusiasts.

Fourth annual Body Politics focuses on confronting colorism


Hosted by seniors Tori Baker and Joy Liburd, the fourth annual Body Politics event centered around broadcasting messages of body positivity and confronting colorism.