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The University of North Carolina is a multi-campus university providing public education to the 220,000 students enrolled across the 17 campuses. In 1931, the NC General Assembly redefined the University of North Carolina to include three schools, UNC-Chapel Hill, N.C. State and UNC-Greensboro and with that the multi-campus system was born in North Carolina.

The system is overseen by the UNC Board of Governors, which is the system’s policy-making body. The 32-member board is elected to four year terms by the general assembly. One of the biggest responsibilities of the board is the elect the president, who is the administrator for the system. Each of the UNC campuses are headed by a chancellor. Each chancellor is nominated by the president and approved by the board of governors. 

The current UNC-system president is Tom Ross. He announced he will step down in 2016.

UNC investment in alternative energy are positive

UNC-system efforts to invest in alternative energy have steadily grown — and the $4.6 billion endowment is thriving. 

Board of Governors gives Carol Folt $50K raise


The Board of Governors announced Monday that 12 UNC-system chancellors would be receiving raises ranging from about $17,000 to $70,000.

Board of Governors talks budget, public service awards at Oct. 30 meeting

For the first time in weeks, the UNC-system Board of Governors did little to make the news.

Faculty Council talk Spellings, Student Stores at October meeting

“She hasn’t had the chance to come on campus, but I’ve already begun to have conversations with her about our university, what we do, who we are, and she starts in March,” Folt said. “We have lots of time to really develop an understanding for her about what our special aspirations are.”

BOG meets for committee talks

Following a week of big announcements, the UNC-system Board of Governors met in committee sessions Thursday.

Former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings was elected Oct. 23, as the next system president and board Chairperson John Fennebresque resigned Monday — leaving the board’s leadership in a state of transition until Spellings assumes the presidency in March.

John Fennebresque steps down as head of UNC system Board of Governors

John Fennebresque, the chairperson of the UNC-system Board of Governors, has announced his resignation, effective immediately.

UNC-system's president-elect criticized for word choice


In an attempt not to say anything controversial about the LGBT community, UNC-system President-elect Margaret Spellings said something controversial.

Margaret Spellings to be next UNC-system president


The move was announced at the UNC Board of Governors meeting in Chapel Hill after 10 months of searching following current system president Tom Ross' forced resignation in January.

Board of Governors to select UNC-system president at Friday meeting

The UNC-system Board of Governors will name Tom Ross' successor at a meeting on Friday.

Opinion: UNC Board of Governors’ practices need reform

Clearly, the Board of Governors’ selection process for UNC-system president is not working the way it should. It has been characterized by infighting, calls for board chairperson John Fennebresque’s resignation and acrimony between the board and the North Carolina legislature.

'Emergency meeting' in UNC president search leaves many in the dark


After 10 months of dealings behind closed doors, the search for the next UNC-System president may be nearing its conclusion.

UNC-system Board of Governors to hold emergency meeting Friday

The UNC-system Board of Governors will hold an emergency meeting on Friday in Cary, but the agenda indicates that the briefing by the presidential search committee and a candidate review will happen in a closed session. 

Online education expands opportunities

With 39 percent of students in the UNC-system having taken at least one online course in the 2013-14 academic year, some say online education is a promising tool for college education.

Ross, other NC leaders talk higher education

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — A fist bump between Tom Ross and Scott Ralls on Wednesday epitomized the working relationship between the UNC system and North Carolina’s community colleges, as well as the friendship between the two departing higher education leaders.

Association of Student Governments wraps up for year

In the final meeting of the UNC-system Association of Student Governments this academic year, N.C. State University’s Zack King was sworn in as the next president — beginning his tenure as the student representative on the UNC Board of Governors.

Search for UNC-system President Tom Ross's successor begins to take shape


The months-long process to replace UNC-system President Tom Ross is guaranteed to be closely watched across the state — and will likely begin within the next few weeks.

Nine new nominees seek Board of Governors posts

The UNC-system Board of Governors is the governing body of North Carolina’s 16 public university campuses and the N.C. School of Science and Mathematics.

Community college transfers less likely to earn bachelor's degree, study finds


Pat McCrory's budget is mixed bag for UNC system

North Carolina spends more taxpayer dollars on higher education than any other state — and on Thursday, Gov. Pat McCrory unveiled a two-year budget proposal that he says would bolster funding in at least five areas of the UNC and community college systems.

Association of Student Governments talks sexual assault, mental health

CHARLOTTE — One day after a contentious Board of Governors meeting on Friday at UNC-Charlotte, the UNC-system Association of Student Governments met and focused on sexual assault and mental health advocacy.