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	Memet Walker

Reading level playing fields

At Carolina Athletics, we’ve always had a simple philosophy: When you become a Tar Heel, there’s literally no wrong way to spell “Put me in, coach.”

More innocent times capsules

Not long ago, a friend said my columns were becoming a little too mean this year. On the one hand, who knew she was such a stuck-up witch? But on the other, maybe she had a point.

	The Raging Grannies walk to the podium to sing for the Utilities Commission. The public was allowed to talk about how they felt about Duke Energy’s tax hike during the meeting.

Public voices outrage over proposed electrical rate increases

There was a different kind of electricity in the room Wednesday night, when the N.C. Utilities Commission listened to public complaints about Duke Energy’s proposed 18.6 percent increase in electrical costs. People from across the state gathered Wednesday night at Durham City Hall, to speak out against the proposed hikes.