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New budget process vexes Town Council

In the face of a weak economy and growing costs, Chapel Hill’s effort to better balance its budget is causing confusion among members of the Chapel Hill Town Council. On Wednesday, the council ranked 25 goals and prioritized funds for long-term projects — and development was at the top of the council’s list

	New taxi regulations in Chapel Hill went into effect on Jan. 1, which included a flat rate for taxis around downtown.

Flat-rate taxi ordinance now in effect

A new ordinance establishing a flat-rate fare for Chapel Hill’s taxis went into effect Jan. 1 — more than a year after former Student Body President Mary Cooper proposed the regulations in an effort to improve student safety.

Collins Crossing sees another protest

Nearly 50 people gathered Friday in Carrboro to protest the new management of Collins Crossing Apartment Homes — the second protest in about two weeks against rising rent prices for some of the complex’s low-income residents.

	Left to right: Jennie Dickson, Sarah Dunsmore and Casey Cook dress up for the Eve Ball on Friday. The event benefits the Eve Carson Scholarship.

Attendance falls at fourth annual Eve Ball

Though Lori Burgwyn spent Friday night dressed as an ice queen, her compassion shone through. On Friday, Burgwyn hosted the fourth annual Eve Ball at the Carolina Club in the George Watts Hill Alumni Center. The evening included dancing, an open bar, a three-tiered chocolate fountain and other Halloween treats.

#tbt: Music Review: Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Every week, Medium will post a story or review from the vault, #tbt style. This week: a review of Holy Ghost Tent Revival's album, Sweat Like The Old Days, written by former Diversions staffer Thompson Wall. Originally published on the Diversions blog on Aug. 22, 2012, this review is in anticipation of the Fourth of July show at Cat's Cradle this Saturday, featuring Holy Ghost Tent Revival and other bands.

Music Review: The xx

In 2009, The xx’s debut eponymous album achieved critical success, becoming the cult classic of London’s music underground. Fans could only pray that three years later, the band’s sophomore LP, Coexist, would achieve anywhere near the status of an adequate follow-up effort. Boy, will they be pleasantly surprised. The xx Coexist Dream pop Dive verdict: 4 1/2 of 5 stars

Music Review: Cat Power 'Sun' review

Indie megastar Chan Marshall, better known as Cat Power, has a new philosophy that goes something like this: When life gives you lemons, you kick life’s ass and make a damn good album about it. Cat Power Sun Alternative Dive Verdict: 4 of 5 stars

Band ?ies in the face of tragedy

Rarely does a group of people come along whose mission is as infectious as its music. The Flute Flies, a collaboration of musicians from three separate Triangle-area bands, is best described as half supergroup and half troupe of cancer-battling crusaders. While The Flute Flies stand alone as a successful musical act, the pairing of the band’s music with the nobility of its cause makes it a prevailing humanitarian force. Comprised of Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds), Reid Johnson (Schooner) and Zeno Gill (Pound of Miracles), The Flute Flies first formed in the summer of 2008 to help one of their friends, Cy Rawls.

Q&A with Chelsea Crowell

This week, Diversions writer Thompson Wall talked with rebellious Chelsea Crowell, third generation singer-songwriter and granddaughter of Johnny Cash.

Get your coffee fix

Coffee is a staple in nearly every college student’s life, but what’s good beyond the chain shops on Franklin Street? Dive staff writers visited South Rd. four different shops scattered around Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Which one suits your fancy? Caffe Driade At 1215 E. Franklin St., Caffe Driade is a bit of a walk from campus. But its secluded and intimate environment make it well worth the trip. Like its sister cafe, Open Eye, Driade carries beans from both shops’ parent business, Carrboro Coffee Company, which offers fair-trade and single-origin coffee and espresso beans.“Beyond our great product, people come here for the atmosphere,”said barista David Ruiz. “It’s a nice, cozy, magical location in the woods.


Review: Florence and The Machine's Ceremonials

Virginia Woolf, the infamous author and poet who drowned herself in a river by her home, is the inspiration of Florence The Machine’s second album, Ceremonials. The album tells the story of a “sinful” woman plagued by ghosts and ghouls of her past, finding solace in the tragic stories of historical heroines. The record is littered with Gothic themes of water, sacrifice, and the passage of time, poetically embodying a shadowy tone that layers into lead singer Florence Welch’s ethereal vocals and explorations of feminism.