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You Asked for It - Hilary  80 total responses

Which Hil(l)ary are you pulling for in 2016?

JP Tokoto  215 total responses

Did J.P. Tokoto make the right decision when he chose to enter the NBA Draft?

Midterm Elections  112 total responses

How closely did you follow the elections Tuesday?

What are your plans for summer break?  77 total responses

What are your plans for summer break?

Spring break  312 total responses

Where are you going for spring break?

SBP Runoff Elections, 2014-2015  344 total responses

Who do you plan to vote for in this year's runoff election for student body president?

SBP Elections for 2014-15  265 total responses

Which of the candidates for student body president would best represent UNC students?

Holiday break  476 total responses

Best part of holiday break?

Elections  287 total responses

Did you vote in local elections this year?

Zero Dark Thursday  278 total responses

What did you think of Zero Dark Thursday?

Shutdown  283 total responses

How optimistic are you that the government shutdown will subside soon?

Kinnaird replacement  236 total responses

What do you think of the nomination of Valerie Foushee for Ellie Kinnaird's former seat in the N.C. Senate?

Football  212 total responses

What do you think of the UNC football team this year?

Wale  226 total responses

What do you think of Wale as the Homecoming act?

Summer  522 total responses

What are your plans for this summer?

Folt  294 total responses

What are your feelings on Chancellor-elect Carol Folt?

New chancellor  125 total responses

How do you think the new chancellor will compare to Holden Thorp?

Editor selection  127 total responses

What qualities would you most like the next DTH Editor-in-chief to bring?

DOMA  126 total responses

Do you think the Supreme Court will take down the Defense of Marriage Act?

Franklin Street food  78 total responses

Are you happy with your choices of restaurants on Franklin Street?