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Column: But what about Venezuela, Claude?

(09/12/17 10:27pm)

Whenever I bring up socialism, whether in columns or in conversation, someone will inevitably butt in with the same tired point: “But what about Venezuela, Claude? Everyone in Venezuela is starving because socialism! Why didn’t you think of that?” So, with the recent expansion of sanctions imposed on the Bolivarian nation, let’s ask ourselves: what about Venezuela? 

You don't have to be lukewarm to be moderate

(09/11/17 7:33pm)

Growing up, I considered myself a conservative, but the starch finally washed out of my views in high school after repeated cycles of internet libertarian propaganda.  I still love libertarianism — the non-aggression principle is a beautiful basis for an ideology — but I want more flexibility. If libertarianism is khakis and a polo to conservatism’s business suit, I want a t-shirt and running shorts. 

No Place Like UNC

(08/31/17 6:53pm)

I‘m sure I’m not the only UNC student whose friends seemed to be all over the place this summer. As for me, friends of mine were in NYC, New Orleans, Nashville, and D.C., just to name a few. In July, I sweltered in Houston, while I spent the rest of the summer traveling. Through it all, home felt very far away, and my friends felt even further. this summer made me realize how alienating time away from school can be for an undergrad.