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Paul Frampton may be released next week

(07/03/12 10:27am)

UNC physics professor Paul Frampton said he may be released as soon as next week. He has been held in an Argentine jail on charges of smuggling cocaine for more than five months.Frampton said in a letter that there was a unified attempt among his supporters to intervene on a governmental level involving the Ministers of Science and Justice as well as the president of Argentina.

Professors got facts wrong in Frampton letter

(06/25/12 11:40am)

TO THE EDITORI am writing in regards to a letter published here on June 21. The letter addresses the issue of UNC professor Paul Frampton who has been held in an Argentine prison since January after being caught trying to leave that country with 2 kg of cocaine.UNC professors Hugon Karkowski and Mark Williams are asking for donations for professor Frampton who is no longer receiving his salary from UNC.

Comment from breal

(03/26/12 11:36am)

Flimsy at best You're telling me that you actually believe that this 68-year-old physics professor was knowingly trying to smuggle a scant 50000 or so of cocaine into America from ArgentinaIt's UNC's responsibility to come to his aid because Frampton is one of our own and anyone who can think rationally can tell that he's likely getting the short end of the stick here.

Professor: Universe has no beginning

(01/31/07 12:00am)

University physicists are refuting the Big Bang theory with a new cosmological model stating that the universe has no beginning or end.The cyclical model proposed by UNC physics professor Paul Frampton and graduate student Lauris Baum consists of four parts expansion turnaround contraction and bounce."It all starts all over again" Frampton said. "It has happened an infinite amount of times and will happen an infinite amount of more times."