Topics: Academic advising

The Academic Advising Program aims to help students create educational plans that fit their career and life goals and propel them toward graduation. They communicate the mission and curriculum of the University while helping students find their individual identities through their interests, abilities and goals. Find out more at the official website for academic advising.

New app has a Knack for tutoring

Knack cups

With midterms just around the corner, UNC and N.C. State University students have a new, Uber-style option for tutoring help. 

Student government to initiate more support services for students

In the midst of exam season, Student Government is talking about how to support students and help alleviate some of their burdens.

UNC makes first investment in 10-year academic support plan

When Kenneth Wainstein’s independent investigation revealed the extent of academic advisers’ involvement in a decades-long athletic-academic scandal, Chancellor Carol Folt said she felt comfortable with the steps the University had taken to reform its advising system. 

Nonprofit to receive $10 million grant to fund college advisers

College Advising Corps, a North Carolina nonprofit, was recently awarded $10 million in a three-year grant to help high school students, especially low-income and first-generation students, in rural areas of the state plan for college.

Group suggests more advising for athletes

Athletes might have to make more trips to Steele Building next year. At the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group meeting Monday, faculty and administrators discussed how best to support and advise athletes.

New UNC policy forces athletes to pay for their own tutors

Sophomore J.P. Gaylor came to UNC for its strong academics and his spot on the swim team. As a student athlete, he thought he would have access to the academic support services designed to help him straddle those two commitments. But that ended up not being the case.

Student-to-adviser ratio will be addressed when budget improves


It’s common knowledge among UNC students that a trip to Steele Building can come with a wait. But not only students have noticed.

Solid step to creating bond

In an effort to create a bond between academics and athletics, the University’s athletic teams have now been assigned a member of the Faculty Athletics Committee to assist student athletes with academic advising.

UNC student athlete advisers prioritize reform

Academic advising for student athletes has been in the spotlight ever since a faculty report this summer suggested counselors in the athletic department might have directed athletes to fraudulent courses.

Career-focused advising

As the summer approaches, many students are preparing to supplement their in-class learning with some practical experience.

Advising takes on thousands of students

The line of students trying to reach academic advisers on Tuesday extended out the door and onto the quad. In a single day, 1,275 students flooded through the doors of Steele Building to either drop classes or declare them pass/D/D /fail on the last day possible.

Advising services stretched thin by cuts

In a tough economic climate that has prompted UNC-system campuses to pare down administrative staffs, schools are adapting — or drastically reducing — their academic advising services.

UNC looks to take tutoring online

Tutoring might soon become another face-to-face interaction replaced by online technology in efforts to enhance student learning and partially offset years of budget cuts for the UNC system.

Junior transfer students have trouble graduating on time


When Lauren McGuire first applied as a junior transfer student to UNC, she thought all she needed in a university was friendly people, warm weather and lacrosse.

Academic advising adds walk-in hours to schedule

In an attempt to streamline its operations, the academic advising department expanded its walk-in hours. The move Tuesday, which allows students to speak with an adviser without an appointment from 10 a.m.

Faculty Council alters curriculum

The Faculty Council passed five recommendations on Dec. 17 that will affect the general education requirements for undergraduate students.

UNC students come to Academic Advising in droves at drop/add deadline


On October 18 more than 1,300 students visited the Steele Building in order to drop or declare a class pass/D /D/fail. The high volume of students meant more stress for a smaller staff in the advising office.

Advising department looks for new leader

A search committee will begin a hunt for a new head of the advising department this week.

Carolyn Cannon, the current associate dean of academic advising, announced her retirement plans at the end of last semester. She will continue to work to the end of the academic year.