Topics: Asbestos on Campus

Asbestos was discovered in the steam tunnels below UNC’s campus in 2014, which brought attention to other potentially hazardous substances in buildings on campus. Since 2009, seven residence halls have been identified as having surfacing materials containing asbestos. It is contained and does not present a health risk.

Antsy about asbestos: dorm residents don't need to worry

Officials say asbestos doesn’t pose a health risk at UNC, even though it’s located inside the ceilings and walls of seven residence halls on campus.

Davie Hall faces unknown fate


Leaky windows, space issues and asbestos may be hindering the growth of UNC’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

Snow delays quad construction, brought down trees around campus


Classes weren’t the only things delayed during the snowstorm.

Quad construction removing asbestos continues


UNC is in the process of replacing insulation in the steam tunnels under campus.

Asbestos present in campus buildings


Recent construction in the quad to remove asbestos has brought attention to the presence of the potentially hazardous material on other parts of campus, such as in residence halls and class buildings.