Topics: Basketball ticket distribution

Ticket distribution, organized by the Carolina Athletic Association, is facilitated by a lottery system. The lottery distributes tickets to all men’s basketball games except those during winter break.

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The 2014-2015 ticket distribution policy:

1.There is no advantage to being the first to sign up, nor disadvantage to being the last. Students have two and a half days to register for the lottery.

2.Students who win the lottery are divided into three phases, which are allowed to enter the stadium at different times. Phase one enters one and a half hours prior to tip off. Phase two enters one hour prior. Phase three enters 30 minutes prior.

3.Tickets issued through the lottery are void at game time if not used. They are also not eligible for resale.

4.The top 150 members of Carolina Fever who sign up for the lottery will receive two tickets to the designated game, except for the Duke game. The top 150 members will receive one ticket to the Duke game.

Suspect arrested for selling counterfeit tickets to UNC-Duke men's basketball game


Anyone looking to buy tickets to the UNC vs. Duke men’s basketball game Saturday should be on the lookout out for counterfeit tickets.

UNC women's basketball can't keep up with NC State in 80-60 loss

After upsetting rival N.C. State in Chapel Hill earlier this season, the North Carolina women's basketball team looked to do the same in Raleigh on Thursday. But a layup and two 3-pointers from the No. 18 Wolfpack to open the game sent the crowd in Reynolds Coliseum into a frenzy and UNC never recovered.

Duke basketball line randomization set earlier

On Wednesday, about 6,000 students who received tickets could enter the Smith Center to watch the latest competition in the biggest rivalry in college basketball.

Selling, buying student tickets for Duke game violates Honor Code

Students looking to sell their Duke tickets to the highest bidder before Saturday’s game might get more than they bargained for.

Duke ticket lottery omits graduating chemistry PhD students

Graduating chemistry Ph.D. students were among the many who were disappointed when they didn’t win the ticket lottery.

Duke basketball ticket seekers receive glitch email

Due to a technical glitch with the online ticket lottery notification system, all students who entered the lottery, including those who won tickets, received an email saying they would not receive tickets, said Caitlin Goforth, president of the Carolina Athletic Association.

UNC's first basketball game lottery accidentally charges more than 70 students a fee

The UNC Ticket Office accidentally charged more than 70 students to enter the ticket lottery for the Nov. 30 basketball game against the University of Wisconsin.

Men’s basketball ticket policy revised


In an effort to increase student attendance at men’s basketball games, the Carolina Athletic Association and the UNC Ticket Office released a set of changes to the policy in an email to students Friday.

UNC basketball ticket sign-ups altered

The days of signing up for an entire month’s worth of basketball tickets are over.
Instead of signing up during the last 10 days of a month for the following month’s games, students will sign up for each game individually next year under the new ticket policy. Students will have a 72-hour window, beginning 10 days before each game, to sign up. “I think it will put more responsibility on the students to register during that 72 hours,” said Caitlin Goforth, president of the Carolina Athletic Association.

UNC’s basketball ticket policy to change little

By the time incoming freshmen step foot on campus for orientation, any changes to the basketball ticket policy should be set in stone. But students hoping for big changes to the ticket policy are likely to be disappointed. Caitlin Goforth, president of the Carolina Athletic Association, said her objective is to set up next year’s policy early so that the CAA can better communicate with students “My goal is to get this policy fast tracked so that we have it done by C-TOPS,” Goforth said.

Faculty addresses student turnout at games


Looking to address chronically low student turnout at home basketball games, members of the faculty athletics committee raised the possibility Tuesday of a merit and punishment system for next year.

Students get fewer tickets to UNC basketball games


Citing chronically low student attendance, the athletic department has reduced the number of student tickets by 34 percent from last year. Though rate of attendance has been low for decades, athletic department officials said they decided to reduce the amount of student tickets after particularly poor attendance last year. The office distributes an average of 2,798 tickets per game this year.

CAA presidential candidate Goforth runs unopposed

This year, only one candidate for the Carolina Athletic Association presidency, Caitlin Goforth, has entered the race. Without opposition, she said she is without a firm idea of what next year’s ticket policy might be.

Basketball tickets to be sold on StubHub

This season, UNC basketball fans will have a new way to buy and sell tickets. StubHub, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, announced its partnership with UNC on Monday. Basketball fans interested in buying and selling tickets can access UNC’s ticket office’s website, which will connect them to StubHub.

Students win on tickets: Student buy-in yielded a ticket policy with broad support; let's make sure it works

The 2010-11 men’s basketball ticket policy comes as a welcome change from last year’s unpopular one-ticket distribution. The Carolina Athletic Association conducted an online survey to see what policy was most popular with the student body. This process was the right decision by the CAA. An election was also a campaign promise by CAA President Brandon Finch that he laudably delivered on.

UNC students vote on new basketball ticket policy

Two tickets per person and fewer phases are all part of this year’s new basketball ticket policy. Results from an online survey conducted last month by the Carolina Athletic Association indicated that the two-ticket-per-student general admission policy has student support. It won by 1,140 votes.

Students allowed to vote on basketball ticket policy

Within 24 hours, more than 2,000 students have voiced their opinions on the future of the student ticketing policy for men’s basketball games. On Monday, the Carolina Athletic Association launched an online survey to gauge the student body’s opinion.

CAA officials vouch for new ticket policy

Other ways to get tickets

“Turn it Back” policy:

Students who decide not to go to a game can return their tickets to the CAA by e-mailing them to

Basketball lottery to give one student ticket, not two

Students will now receive only one basketball ticket through the ticket lottery system instead of two, a change announced by the Carolina Athletic Association on Thursday.

The change will go into effect for the 2009-10 men’s basketball season. All other aspects of the ticket distribution policy will remain the same.

Ticket distribution policy unveiled

The new student ticket distribution policy was rolled out Friday, with changes including general admission for students and phased-in entrance times for men's basketball games.