2017 student body president candidates Maurice Grier (left) and Elizabeth Adkins respond to questions asked by leaders of the Greek Organizations IFC, GAC, NPHC, and the PHC.

Another year, another SBP election: here's what to expect

A new student government election cycle, with new rules and regulations, is starting at Chapel Hill as Elizabeth Adkins’ year in office comes to an end.

UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Elections

The Board of Elections is responsible for overseeing campus elections, including enforcing Title VI, the portions of Student Code that pertain to student elections.

The board handles elections for two different periods. In the fall, they are in charge of the homecoming elections. In the spring, they are in charge of the general election for student congress and student body president.

The chairman of the board is selected by the executive branch of student government and approved by Student Congress and the Rules and Judiciary Committee.

The board has very few defined rules and procedures according to the Student Code, and its role has changed greatly depending on its leadership. The board receives complaints during the campaigns and holds hearings based on them. Board members determine if a violation occurred and the requisite fine. The board also has the ability to propose election legislation to Student Congress.

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