Topics: UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Elections

The Board of Elections is responsible for overseeing campus elections, including enforcing Title VI, the portions of Student Code that pertain to student elections.

The board handles elections for two different periods. In the fall, they are in charge of the homecoming elections. In the spring, they are in charge of the general election for student congress and student body president.

The chairman of the board is selected by the executive branch of student government and approved by Student Congress and the Rules and Judiciary Committee.

The board has very few defined rules and procedures according to the Student Code, and its role has changed greatly depending on its leadership. The board receives complaints during the campaigns and holds hearings based on them. Board members determine if a violation occurred and the requisite fine. The board also has the ability to propose election legislation to Student Congress.

SBP election held today with two candidates and several write-ins


After eight complaints, two injunctions, seven hearings and two candidate disqualifications, the student body president election will happen today, almost a month after the original election day — Feb. 14.

Appeal filed said Board of Elections did not hold fair hearings

Will Hopping, the sophomore who filed a complaint against student body president Maurice Grier, filed an appeal with the UNC Student Supreme Court, alleging a fair hearing was not given. 

Elections are still on schedule, except for student body president portion


Although student body president elections are on hold, other elections and hearings for complaints are still on schedule.

McKnight disqualified from SBP elections


On Thursday night, the UNC Board of Elections disqualified Matthew McKnight from the student body president elections after hearing a third complaint filed by Harry Edwards.

Matthew McKnight and Elizabeth Adkins gain enough signatures to be on the ballot

Matthew McKnight is currently the only candidate with enough signatures to be on the ballot as a student body presidential candidate. 

Third complaint filed against the McKnight student body president campaign

Harry Edwards, a member of the Joe for SBP campaign, filed a third complaint against the McKnight campaign on Feb. 21. 

Nail files complaint against Board of Elections after being disqualified from election


Joe Nail, a candidate for student body president, has been disqualified by the UNC Board of Elections.

UNC Board of Elections holds three hearings in SBP elections


On Sunday, the Board of Elections heard three hearings in the student body presidential election — the re-hearing for Shriver v. Nail for SBP Campaign and two hearings for Edwards v. McKnight.

With new members, Board of Elections awaits Supreme Court decision


Student Congress approved the six recommendations for Board of Elections nominees from the Rules and Judiciary Committee with full attending consent at a special session on Wednesday night.

Board of Elections membership still holding up student body president election date


Student Body President Bradley Opere tried to appoint provisional members of the UNC Board of Elections over the weekend but missed the window by months.

Joe Nail files appeal after being disqualified as SBP candidate

Joe Nail has been disqualified as a candidate for student body president. 

Signature deadline for spring election extended due to water crisis

The UNC Board of Elections extended the deadline for candidates to gather 1,250 student signatures due to the water crisis and suggested evacuation from campus.

Students declare candidacy for student body president


Four students declared their candidacy for student body president at the UNC Board of Elections meeting Monday — Samantha Espada, Matthew McKnight, Joseph Nail and Elizabeth Adkins.