Bartenders are liable for who they serve

Former UNC student Chandler Kania, 20, visited two Chapel Hill bars early in the morning on July 19, according to law enforcement officers. Officers say he had a fake ID that was checked at the door and had no problem buying drinks.


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Q&A with Il Palio executive chef Teddy Diggs on college cooking tips

The Il Palio restaurant at Chapel Hill’s Siena Hotel might be undergoing renovations, but that hasn’t stopped executive chef Teddy Diggs from keeping things fresh in the kitchen until it reopens in mid-September. Diggs spoke to senior writer Rachel Herzog about making the perfect lasagna and how college students can move beyond ramen noodles.

Raleigh rezones, limits food trucks

The Raleigh City Council stirred up controversy last week — under the new zoning plans, food trucks will be blocked from operating in some areas where they’ve served customers for years.