Topics: Campus Y

The Campus Y is an organization that pursues social justice through promoting pluralism in North Carolina specifically and throughout the rest of the world. It was established in 1860 and has about 2000 members every year.

The Meantime Coffee Co. celebrates first birthday


To celebrate its first year of operation, the house special at The Meantime Coffee Co. on Tuesday, Sept. 12 was a birthday cake latte. Purchasing one, or any of the drinks they sell, puts money towards scholarship funds and study abroad experiences. 

Silent Sam raises questions about free speech on campus


For Campus Y Co-President Alexander Peeples, the recent push to remove Silent Sam has shown more than the power of unification; it has shown a university that is unwilling to represent the voice of the community. 

Four UNC Student Organizations demand Silent Sam be taken down


Five UNC student organizations released a statement that said they were no longer asking and that "Silent Sam must come — down NOW." 

Campus Y banners taken down by UNC

On Saturday, Campus Y banners hung in response to Charlottesville were taken down by the University, citing violation of building codes.

Student art on HB2 and its partial repeal vanishes from Campus Y courtyard


Senior Grace Thorpe said she expected her art installation “HBToilet” to be vandalized — but not to this extent.

Northside Festival will celebrate community this Saturday

From gospel choirs to old-fashioned field games and free food, the Northside Festival will have something for everyone. 

Clothesline Project gives a voice to victims of sexual assault


Students walking through the lower quad yesterday were flanked by rows of T-shirts calling attention to the prevalence of sexual assault.

Campus Y, Black Congress talk activism "post-Trump"


According to the participants of the Activism in a New Era conference, activism is not just about protests — it’s a lifestyle. Co-hosted by the Campus Y and Black Congress, the conference on Sunday discussed the history and future of activism for oppressed groups.

First Herban SOAPbox event brings teacher and agriculturalist Kamal Bell


Hope Gardens has started a series, Herban SOAPbox, to bring attention to food quality and agriculture in North Carolina. The first event of the three-part series took place on Friday.

New Campus Y co-presidents elect aim to build Y's community


Courtney Staton and Alexander Peeples, who were elected the 2017-18 co-presidents of the Campus Y on Tuesday, have big plans to build on current work and put their new ideas into action.

Courtney Staton and Alexander Peeples to be next Campus Y co-presidents


Courtney Staton and Alexaner Peeples have been announced as the co-presidents of the Campus Y for the 2017-18 school year. 

Campus Y co-president candidates discuss their goals, social justice


The two pairs running to lead the Campus Y in 2017-18 — Nick McKenzie and Asha Patel, and Alexander Peeples and Courtney Staton — spoke about their plans to improve the organization in the Campus Y Co-Presidents Forum Wednesday. 

Wheelchair basketball is a slam dunk


On Monday, students were encouraged to participate in wheelchair basketball outside of Davis from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Best Buddies empowers community members through friendships


Visit Cafe Carolina on Saturday mornings for a studying pick-me-up and a warm interaction with the cafe’s new employee, Ishan Munshi.

Charlotte shooting hits close to home for UNC students


UNC students are tired and angry.

This week, Charlotte has been a site of protest and violence following the death of Keith Scott, who was shot by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officer Brentley Vinson.

Board of Trustees received an update on life at UNC


When the Board of Trustees met in committees Wednesday, University Affairs chairperson Chuck Duckett opened his committee’s meeting by speaking on a personal issue.

Gender-neutral bathroom signs to be replaced in Campus Y and across campus



Protest highlighted survivors' voices


Shouts of “justice delayed is justice denied” and “students safety before reputation” were heard down Franklin Street as students and community members gathered for a Standing with Survivors Rally at the Peace and Justice Plaza Friday evening.

The Siren holds open discussion on Delaney Robinson case

The Siren opened up its weekly meeting to all students Wednesday night to discuss a response to the UNC administration in light of Delaney Robinson’s sexual assault case.

Hunger Lunch partners with UNC graduate's 'So Good Pupusas'


Hunger Lunch is back and ready — with fork and knife in hand — to nourish UNC, now offering rice and beans through UNC alum Cecilia Polanco’s food business, So Good Pupusas.

UNC student groups reflect on Orlando and togetherness


After picking a color and finding their table, attendees of the Art and Welcoming Night met people from very different backgrounds for dinner and reflection.

Campus Y's gender-neutral restroom signs taken down, replaced by UNC

Gender-neutral restroom signs were ripped down in the Campus Y Wednesday morning.

New coffeeshop opening in the Campus Y aims to invest in students


A new coffee shop on campus promises to be for the students and by the students.

Sophomore Scott Diekema, junior Lauren Eaves and senior Keegan McBride co-founded The Meantime, a nonprofit coffee shop they plan to open Sept. 6 in the Campus Y.

Feminist Friday event addresses rape culture

It starts young.

UNC students join organization to support solar energy

Solar Head of State, an international nonprofit dedicated to awareness and solar energy usage, has strong ties to UNC.