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Q & A with UNC professor Claude Clegg on African-American activism today

Claude Clegg is a UNC professor focusing on how African communities outside of Africa. The Lyle V. Jones Distinguished Professor is currently working on a book exploring how African Americans have experienced the Obama presidency. Staff writer Taylor Buck asked him about his work and how African American activism has changed since the days of Martin Luther King Jr.

Lecture being given at Humanities Happy Hour at Top of the Hill's Back Bar

Humanities Happy Hour brings lectures outside the classrom

Everyone likes a good happy hour, but on the third Wednesday of every month at Top of the Hill’s Back Bar, bar patrons will also hear lectures and discussion on topics in the humanities. Humanities Happy Hour is a free program hosted by the Carolina Public Humanities and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities to create an informal space for conversations about the humanities to take place. 

The Chapel Hill Fire Departnment has five stations, one of which is on Hamilton Road.

Stop, drop and roll out of dorm rooms for fire drills

Students living on campus have all experienced the dreaded fire alarm in the middle of the night. Instead of exiting their buildings, some people have started waiting out fire alarms in their rooms. Experts want everyone to know that this is not the right thing to do — always evacuate.