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Dr. Tibor Spitz presented his artwork and life story of surviving the Holocaust in the Union Auditorium on Wednesday evening.

Tibor Spitz speaks at UNC on Holocaust experience

When he was 15 years old, Tibor Spitz crawled out of a hand built shelter, dug into the side of a hill in Slovakia, where he had spent the previous seven months hiding from the German army. 73 years later, he walked into the Student Union Auditorium to help ensure people do not forget the horrors he and other Jews went through during the Holocaust.

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Get in loser, we're going shopping (for classes)

It’s that time of the year again, when students are filling up their shopping carts and preparing for class registration. It's a stressful time for everyone, but each student has their own strategy. Staff writer Vennela Medapati went around campus to find out what students think about registration and how they cope with the stress.    

An explosion happened at the Davie Poplar tree, a historic UNC landmark, on Nov. 2.

Davie Poplar has stood for centuries

 On Dec. 3, 1792, Revolutionary War Gen. William R. Davie and five other men were having a picnic. It was this meeting that would decide the location of the University, and it was this man for whom one of UNC’s many monuments would be named: the Davie Poplar. 

Two residents of Green Crescent Nursing Home make crafts together.

YES brings student companionship and support to the elderly

For senior Priyansh Patel, taking care of elderly relatives was simply a fundamental part of being in a family, a value he grew up with in an Indian culture. That’s why when he saw the Youth for Elderly Services booth at Fall Fest, he immediately took the chance to get involved. “There’s a great importance to the elderly or anyone that’s older than you in Indian culture,” Patel said. “You have to respect and foster them like they fostered you growing up. Those values were instilled me in an early part of my life.”

Dr. Daniel Reichart, a UNC professor of physics and astronomy, was injured in the explosion at the Davie Poplar tree on Nov. 2. Photo courtesy of Daniel Reichart. 

Professor Daniel Reichart looks to help others while recovering from burns

 UNC Physics and Astronomy Professor Daniel Reichart's Thursday didn't go quite as planned.   “I was on my way to get some ice cream and I saw fire,” said Reichart.  “I just thought it was simple arson. Growing up I was an Eagle Scout so I have some similarity with fires. I never saw the perpetrator, everything just accelerated so fast.”

Crossing guard Joann Isom hugs UNC junior Carlos Salas after receiving money raised via GoFundMe for Isom to take a trip to visit her son. Salas set up the GoFundMe fundraiser after seeing Isom's story on the Humans of UNC Facebook page.

UNC crossing guard set to cross country

The walk to Polk Place from the depths of South Campus for a Monday morning eight am class can seem like an tiresome effort for the average first-year student. However, most students’ mornings are brightened just a little by a simple “good morning” or “have a nice day” from Joann Isom, the crossing guard.