Topics: Campus Y

Campus Y is a student organization that works to promote social justice on and off UNC’s campus.

It originated from the YMCA, which was organized at UNC in 1859 and the YWCA, which was started in 1935. In 1963 the two organizations joined to become Campus Y.

Together with the Black Student Movement, Campus Y helped the predominantly black cafeteria staff rally for wage increases during the food workers’ strike of 1968-69. The group was at the forefront of causes such as desegregation, civil rights, women’s equality, environmental rights and Vietnam War protests. During the speaker ban controversy of 1963-68, Campus Y leaders challenged the ban on Communist speakers Herbert Aptheker and Frank Wilkinson.

The organization has an estimated 2000 members each year. Recently they have been pushing for gender equality. In January 2014 the organization opened gender nonspecific in their building on campus.

Panel: courts too tough on teens


In North Carolina, no one can buy a lottery ticket, watch an R-rated movie or vote for a lawmaker at 16 — but courts still prosecute many 16-year- olds as adults.

In the North Carolina system, anyone older than 16 can be tried as an adult in court.

UNC students call for higher wages

The message portrayed to students was clear.

Service learning program APPLES turns 25


Coming from humble beginnings, APPLES has served the University and its community for the past quarter century.

SBP candidates call for renaming of Saunders Hall


The three remaining candidates for student body president all came out in favor of renaming Saunders Hall during a forum Tuesday night.

New group Sonder Market pushed out of Student Union

A new student organization was forced to relocate its supply storage after the Student Union asked the group to move on Oct. 29.

Students will vote for Campus Y co-presidents Tuesday

Student government isn’t the only organization looking for fresh faces on Tuesday.

New Campus Y signs should spread across campus

During winter break, the Campus Y designated its bathrooms as gender-neutral.

Campus Y opens gender nonspecific bathrooms


Despite the Board of Governor’s decision to shut down attempts at gender neutral housing, students have continued to try to make smaller gains for the cause.

UNC Campus Y to give out $10,000

Long-term projects that deal with social justice in any way — such as minority empowerment or gender equality — are eligible for a grant from the program.

However, clubs aiming to promote social justice could get financial help from the Campus Y’s YFund, which received a $10,000 grant last spring that campus groups can benefit from.

Campus Y forms committee on gender equality

When a Carolina Kickoff camper approached A.J. Karon asking why there was no Campus Y committee dedicated to gender equality, Karon decided to do something about it.

Student groups hope to curb derogatory use of ‘retard’

Groups across campus are coming together this week to promote a campaign to help end the derogatory use of the words “retard” and “retarded.”

UNC students head to Washington to lobby for student interests

Students from around the Atlantic Coast Conference are gathering in Washington, D.C. today to represent their schools’ interests directly to members of Congress.

Students vote in favor of divesting from coal


The poster was decorated in broken hearts. “Hey, UNC,” it read. “Tell coal that we are never, ever getting back together.”

Campus Y holds advocates Human Rights Week with series of events

Campus Y committees will be holding a series of events through this Friday to advocate for Human Rights Week.

Campus Y to elect future co-presidents


The candidates running unopposed for co-presidents of the Campus Y want to make social justice accessible.

Former coach Herman Boone speaks at UNC


When football Coach Herman Boone wanted to buy a “Remember the Titans” poster, he was outraged that it cost $350.

World Micro-Market offers sales with a story behind them


Tables in the Pit are set up with scarves, earrings, bracelets and other accessories. Behind every piece of jewelry is a story — a person and a way to make a living.

Chancellor re?ects at open house


Chancellor Holden Thorp spoke candidly with students Monday afternoon about his time in office and his hopes for his replacement.

Young activists from the Republic of Georgia and UNC meet at the Campus Y to discuss politics

Although Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, is more than 6,000 miles away from Chapel Hill, some activists from both locations share similar concerns about their political systems.

HOPE hosts Box-Out to increase visibility of homelessness

Instead of going to parties, some students will be sleeping outside this Friday night in cardboard boxes in the Pit.