Carolina Athletic Association

The Carolina Athletic Association is a student organization which serves as the liaison between the athletic department and the student body. Its most prominent role is operating the men’s basketball and football ticket lotteries.

It represents the students’ interest to the athletic department and promotes UNC varsity sports. The CAA president, who is elected each February, is a member of the athletic council.

Other events organized by the CAA include Homecoming Week, Beat Dook Week, Late Night with Roy and Chancellor Michael Hooker Memorial 5k Race. Carolina Fever, UNC’s largest fan club, was part of CAA until the groups split in 2009.

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J. Cole to headline Homecoming

Fayetteville native and hip-hop artist J. Cole is coming home. The rapper was contracted by the Carolina Union Activities Board for $105,000 to perform for Homecoming in Carmichael Arena.

Faculty committee talks athletic issues

Days after returning from the NCAA hearing in Indianapolis, Chancellor Holden Thorp discussed implementing the changes to academic support for student athletes at Tuesday’s faculty athletics committee meeting.

UNC’s basketball ticket policy to change little

By the time incoming freshmen step foot on campus for orientation, any changes to the basketball ticket policy should be set in stone. But students hoping for big changes to the ticket policy are likely to be disappointed. Caitlin Goforth, president of the Carolina Athletic Association, said her objective is to set up next year’s policy early so that the CAA can better communicate with students “My goal is to get this policy fast tracked so that we have it done by C-TOPS,” Goforth said.

Congress declares CAA autonomous organization

The Carolina Athletic Association is now an autonomous organization. Student Congress members voted Tuesday to repeal Title VII from the Student Code, citing it as redundant. The decision formally removed the CAA from student government rules and bylaws.

CAA to bury the campus in events

During this year’s RAMpage Homecoming week, the Carolina Athletic Association is encouraging UNC students to “Bury William and Mary.” The CAA is hosting a number of events in the Pit every weekday from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m. There will be night events as well.

CAA T-shirt sales earn money for charity

For the first time ever, the Carolina Athletic Association is donating some of its T-shirt profits to a campus organization. The recipient will come as no surprise to students. Dance Marathon will receive $2 for every Homecoming T-shirt sold. They will cost 12 dollars each, which is in line with previous years.

Finch defeats Kuell for CAA president

Junior Brandon Finch won a majority of the vote Tuesday night to become the next Carolina Athletic Association president — the individual who will have a hand in shaping the controversial student ticket policy that has come under criticism this year.Finch won with 4,076 votes. Junior Tom Kuell, the runner-up, received 2,478 votes.

CAA candidates outline proposed ticket policy changes

Students might never have to receive a phase five ticket to the nosebleed section of the Smith Center again after this season.On Feb. 9, the student body will elect the next Carolina Athletic Association president, who represents students’ interests to UNC’s athletic department.