Topics: Carolina Dining Services

Carolina Dining Services offers options from coffee and bagels to salmon and mashed potatoes. Its two dining halls are Rams Head, located between Kenan Stadium and Morrison Residence Hall, and Lenoir, located beside The Pit and Davis Library. There are over twenty other restaurants and cafes across campus, including Alpine Bagel, Wendy’s, Starbucks, Common Grounds, Healthy Bowl, 1.5.0. and Subway.

Meal plans include both block and weekly plans, as well as flex dollars that can be used at restaurants other than the dining halls. The organization educates students about the food they are consuming with nutritional information offered online and posted in the dining halls.

Dining services is further increasing its sustainability efforts by composting, donating leftovers and selling reusable take-out containers for the dining hall. In 2007, the dining hall officials stopped providing plastic trays to reduce water consumption. Other best practices include providing recyclable napkins and straws, using bulk packaging and recycling fryer oil to be used for making biodiesel fuel.

The Student Dining Board of Directors serves as a liaison between the student body and UNC Dining Services and consists of 10 students and five university administrators. They also review the services’ annual plan.

Cup crisis at Lenoir creates student confusion


Coffee-loving students were taken by surprise when Carolina Dining Services temporarily relocated the to-go coffee cups from their regular location.

Protest against Wendy's raises awareness for farmworker abuses


UNC students, members of Student Action with Farmworkers and other local residents joined the farmworker leaders of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers in a Boot the Braids protest on Friday demanding the removal of Wendy's from UNC's campus.

UNC wants to bring back the old name of Rams Dining Hall


Carolina Dining Services wants to recreate the legacy of Rams Head Dining Hall by bringing back the name Chase Dining Hall.

Sorority wants to give back to CDS staff who made them feel at home

A UNC sorority is planning a thank you dinner for a small number of Carolina Dining Services employees.

M&M cookie recipe returns to dining halls, much to students' relief


UNC students have been flocking to the cookie shelves at Lenoir Dining Hall since Carolina Dining Services brought back its original M&M cookie recipe.

University departments had to think on their feet to get through water crisis


When Chapel Hill’s water source was shut down on Friday, the University didn't have a specific procedure, but had to use other emergency plans to make the best of things.

UNC employees face parking issues, may have to pay for night parking in the future


Students and visitors at UNC compete for parking on or near campus every day but often forget that university employees are fighting the same battle when they come to work every day. Employees, in order to park on campus, have to pay a parking fee.

Students to honor the behind-the-scenes workers who care for UNC

A group of UNC students is working to recognize the behind-the-scenes workers who take care of the University.

How the cookie crumbles: Dining hall looking for new M&M cookie distributor


For some students, the return to UNC from Winter Break was marked by a small tragedy — the M&M cookies at Rams Head and Lenoir dining halls are decidedly different.

Dining hall worker dies after 44 years at UNC


Garrett Watson gave students more than just a meal card swipe experience.

Carolina Dining Services' new menu aims to cater to student tastes


Carolina Dining Services has designed their menu this year with students’ preferences in mind.

CDS plans to expand newest dining option


Carolina Dining Services has seen success with a new meal plan option it introduced last semester: the Unlimited PLUS plan with PLUS swipes. 

UNC dining hall hopes to fry NC State in culinary cookoff

UNC students are passionate about two things: beating N.C. State and Lenoir Dining Hall cookies. These two passions will come together tonight when Carolina Dining Services will face-off against N.C. State’s University Dining to a culinary competition at the Top of Lenoir.

Local coffee company caffeinates UNC's dining halls


Today, Carolina Dining Services will introduce their new partnership with Larry’s Coffee at the Green Meal: Fair Trade event, which will take place in Rams Head Dining Hall from 5 to 8 pm.

CDS raises awareness about food waste

By Dylan Tastet

Staff Writer

5000 hungry stomachs. Filled for free. With food that would have been wasted.

That’s what occurred Tuesday evening at UNC’s second annual Feeding the 5000 event, hosted by Carolina Auxillary Services to raise awareness about food waste.

Opinion: CDS and FLO Food are advancing mutual goals

Carolina Dining Services is practicing what it preaches about sustainability. Its actions provide a refreshing break from usually unresponsive bureaucratic models on campus.

10 years later, dining hall gets its real name on sign


After a 10-year delay, South Campus’ dining hall finally got its proper name emblazoned above the entrance. In April 2015, the words Chase Hall were added above the doorway of Rams Head Dining Hall.

NCSU promotes pizza box composting

The more dubious leftovers from a night of pizza delivery in the dorm are the greasy, cheese-caked boxes — which can’t be recycled as easily as cans, bottles and paper.

Fair Local Organic Food held its biannual farmer’s market


For students that weren’t running to an exam, Thursday’s walk to class was the ideal time to pick up local produce thanks to a collaboration between a student organization and Carolina Dining Services.

UNC dining halls will transition to cage-free eggs

Aramark, UNC’s dining service provider, will transition to using cage-free eggs by 2020, according to an announcement made March 12.