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Carolina North is a planned satellite expansion for the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. The 250-acre site, which has been planned for more than two decades, will consist of a combination of research facilities, faculty and student housing and mixed-use commercial development. Proposed buildings on the Carolina North campus include a new site for the University’s Law School and the Innovation Center, a business-technology center focused on promoting new ideas in high-tech business in the state. The University’s main campus would be linked to Carolina North through a variety of proposed bus routes and the expansion of pre-existing local roads.

About 1.3 times larger than the main campus, Carolina North was proposed as a logical expansion to supplement the University’s increasingly crowded main campus. As enrollment numbers expand and housing needs rise, Carolina North is meant to provide the University with greater opportunities for research, living space and campus growth. Construction is planned in gradual phases, with a final completion date more than 50 years from today.

Limitations in the state budget have stalled plans for the foreseeable future.

NC’s Johnston Regional Airport linked to CIA torture program


Allyson Caison has been driving reporters and activists around the loop at Johnston Regional Airport for years.

McCrory requests end to Syrian relocation

Gov. Pat McCrory praised North Carolina for its tradition of generosity toward those in need on Monday — right before he requested the Obama administration stop sending Syrian refugees to the state. 

Years later, Carolina North timeline still up in the air

UNC has yet to finalize plans for the 250-acre plot of land it purchased in 2009. 

NC legislators reach budget compromise months late

For the N.C. General Assembly, a budget is better late than never — two and a half months after the original July 1 deadline, legislators finalized the budget Monday and will vote on it this week.

Animal shelters questioned on ethics of selling carcasses

Shelter animal cadavers are now for sale in one North Carolina county, raising questions about the ethics of using euthanized animals for research.

Carolina North development making little tangible progress

University officials held a public information meeting Monday to give an update on the development of UNC’s satellite campus, Carolina North — but there was not much progress to report.

Carolina North begins lengthy construction

Progress is finally being made on the construction of a second UNC campus in Chapel Hill after eight years of planning and delays.

Horace Williams Airport not yet ready to land


For more than 35 years, Robert Epting has been flying in and out of Horace Williams Airport. And for much of the time he’s been using it, he said, Chapel Hill residents and University officials have been underestimating their local airport’s worth.

Q&A with Chapel Hill Town Council member Gene Pease


After four years on the Chapel Hill Town Council, Gene Pease announced he was not running for re-election in November. Daily Tar Heel staff writer Lauren Grady sat down with Pease to discuss his decision to leave the council, reflect on his term and look at his future plans.

High housing costs pose problem for UNC employees

Fewer than 40 percent of faculty and staff at the University live in the town in which they work.

Horace Williams Airport might close in August


This summer, Chapel Hill could lose a piece of town history — one that’s no stranger to attempted closures.

New generator to make green impact on campus


The University recently took a big, multimillion dollar step toward its goal of reducing its carbon footprint to zero by 2050 — by converting greenhouse gas to energy.

Scant progress on Carolina North

On Monday, a public information meeting brought together University officials and town residents to discuss the limited progress made in the past year on a slow-moving University development.

Lack of funding delays law school construction at Carolina North

Construction for three buildings at Carolina North remains on hold, due to a lack of state funding.

Carolina North off to a slow start


UNC is ready to break ground in June 2013 on the first building at Carolina North — a project expected to dominate construction at the University for the next 50 years.

UNC running out of room for growth


In a single decade, UNC’s physical space expanded at an unprecedented rate, filling up main campus and allowing enrollment and research to grow faster than ever before.

Carolina North to replace Horace Williams Airport

Horace Williams Airport will soon close, but academic innovation is scheduled to take flight with the construction of Carolina North early next year.

UNC wants to proceed with Carolina North


The University is moving forward with plans for Carolina North, a research campus that was endorsed six years ago but delayed due to budget constraints.

Carolina North ductbank concerns some

Clearing for a 40-foot-wide corridor necessary to install wiring through Carolina North Forest is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks. But some residents, who said they felt left out of the planning process, worry about the corridor’s effects on the forest and trails.

Carolina North's future is uncertain

Although a 250-acre, innovation-focused expansion to UNC might seem without precedent, the University embarked on a project of similar scope in the 1980s.