Students gather on Hooker Fields for FallFest on Sunday night. There, clubs and organizations sat at tables looking for new members.

Annual Fall Fest rings in the new school year

This past weekend, students were welcomed to UNC with the long standing tradition of FallFest, hosted by the Carolina Union. Around 24,000 students were in attendance, including the new class of 2021. With 360 student organizations present, and 22 performances, Fall Fest serves as an informative and energetic welcome to Carolina. 

Carolina Union Activities Board

The Carolina Union Activities Board, CUAB, is a student-run organization that provides entertainment, events and programming to students. Funded from student activity fees, the group provides films in the Student Union, art in the gallery and various cultural events, such as the air guitar championship in the Student Union Great Hall.

The film series brings movies that have already appeared in theaters but might not yet be available on DVD to campus. Admission is free with a OneCard. There are also a few advanced screenings depending on availability and cost.

One of the widely known committees is the fun committee. Members of the fun committee generate random activities to enliven an ordinary day, such as handing out free popsicles or bringing puppies to the Pit.

CUAB is well-known for the events it plans around the last day of classes. It also partners with the Carolina Athletic Association to bring musical acts to campus each year for Homecoming.

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Quiz: What 2 Chainz song are you?

The spring Jubilee concert is quickly approaching, starring the feature guru, 2 Chainz.  If you're anything like me, you probably had to sit and really think about what songs 2 Chainz is actually in.

‘The Daily Show’ correspondent Hasan Minhaj comes to UNC

On Saturday UNC will host “The Daily Show” correspondent and stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj. The event, Late Night with Hasan Minhaj, is being organized by the UNC Muslim Students Association in collaboration with the Carolina Union Activities Board.

FallFest will celebrate 20 years in new location

FallFest is getting some new digs for its 20th anniversary. The annual block party, held on Aug. 21 this year, introduces new Tar Heels to student organizations and free food. The event usually draws crowds around 25,000 and has been held on South Road, Hooker Fields and the School of Government parking deck in past years.