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Carr Mill Mall is a shopping center located in Carrboro. It is home to local favorites like Weaver Street Market and Elmo’s Diner. The mall stands on the location that used to house a mill owned by the Carr family, whom Carrboro is named after.

The mill was opened in 1898 by Thomas Lloyd. In 1975, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen decided to renovate the property. Carr Mill Mall officially opened its doors in 1977.

Oasis owner performs about his life as a hippie


The dimly-lit, around-100-square feet space was filled to capacity, containing around 20 people sitting on oversized couches, chairs and intimate tables.

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"Fresh-eteria" brings healthy fast-food

A new, fresh cafe has opened its doors in Carrboro.

Elmo's owners to open new Carr Mill Mall restaurant

Within the next few days there will be a new casual venue on the Carrboro restaurant scene.

Cafe Symmetry will open in Carr Mill Mall, in the space formerly occupied by Panzanella.

Carrboro man honors Bob Marley's 70th birthday


Robert Roskind has gotten a few questions about how a bald-headed white guy from North Carolina is in charge of Bob Marley’s 70th birthday celebration in Northern California.

Oasis brews blend of coffee, performances


Just a few weeks after Miel Bon Bons confectionery left Carr Mill Mall, a new coffee shop has brought activity back into the space.