Topics: Carrboro Board of Aldermen

Carrboro’s Board of Aldermen is responsible for guiding the town of Carrboro and making policy decisions. Carrboro has a council/manager form of government, which means the aldermen are responsible for the town’s legislative responsibilities. There are six members of the board, along with the mayor who leads it. The current mayor is Lydia Lavelle.

The board is advised by the town manager, along with a number of other advisory boards and committees. These are often run by aldermen. They deal with issues such as economic development, climate change and human services.

Board meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, work sessions on 2nd Tuesdays, and public hearings on 4th Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall at 301 W. Main Street.

See who’s on the board, read upcoming agendas or view meeting minutes.

Campaigning at a cost in Chapel Hill, Carrboro


In the 2015 Chapel Hill mayoral race, the two front runners, Pam Hemminger and Mark Kleinschmidt,  spent a combined total of $53,603.58 on their campaigns. 

Carrboro Board of Aldermen meets on Sept. 19


See our live updates from the Sept. 19 Board of Aldermen meeting here:

What does Carrboro's plan to help DACA recipients entail?


The Carrboro Board of Aldermen council passed a resolution Sept. 12 to assist town residents who are beneficiaries of DACA after a unanimous vote.

Carrboro Youth Advisory Board inspires civic engagement

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Randee Haven-O’Donnell first developed an interest in government at the age of 15, when she joined a high school group that discussed current events and politics. 

Carrboro thrives 106 years after being incorporated

Carrboro - 027

 The town of Carrboro has changed a lot since it became incorporated in 1911. It wasn't even originally named Carrboro, but Venable, after the UNC President at the time, Francis Venable. 

Carrboro Board of Aldermen meets on Sept. 5


Check here for live updates from the Carrboro Aldermen meeting:

Unicornboro? Petition calls to change name of Carrboro


A petition surfaced on Care2 Petitions to rename the town of Carrboro to Unicornboro, and has 26 signatures as of Monday night.

Board of Aldermen unanimously approves resolution in solidarity with Charlottesville


The Carrboro Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Wednesday to adopt a resolution in response to violence in Charlottesville, V.A.

Over 40 Chapel Hill and Carrboro residents attended the special meeting arranged by board members Bethany Chaney and Jacquelyn Gist.  

Board of Aldermen supports "Raise the Age" legislation

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen proposed a resolution for the North Carolina General Assembly in support of a bill to raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction on May 9.

Board of Aldermen considers parking study, pump track locations


The Carrboro Board of Aldermen met Tuesday to discuss a recent parking study and a pump track. 

Carrboro reenacts campaign contribution limits for Aldermen

At Tuesday’s Carrboro Board of Aldermen meeting, an ordinance setting campaign contribution limits for mayor and aldermen campaigns was reenacted.

'It starts with grilled cheese': Carrboro Board of Aldermen discuss corruption, walking conversations at Tuesday's meeting

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen passed an anti-corruption resolution and discussed walking conversations at Tuesday night's meeting. Staff writer Samantha Scott live-tweeted the meeting. 

Carrboro Board of Aldermen discuss town communications and potential tiny homes at meeting


The Carrboro Board of Aldermen discussed a town communications plan and the possibility of bringing tiny homes to Carrboro on Tuesday night.

Openly LGBTQ politicians come to speak in panel at UNC

Today, the UNC LGBTQ Representation & Rights Research Initiative will welcome current and former North Carolina LGBTQ elected officials for a special event.

Carrboro Board of Aldermen discusses transit, plans for parking deck

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen met Tuesday night to discuss the Orange County Transit Plan and options for the Rosemary Sunset Parking Deck. Staff writer Lauren Talley live-tweeted the meeting. 

CASA nonprofit to build more affordable housing in Chapel Hill-Carrboro

CASA, a nonprofit that builds affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness, is celebrating its 25th anniversary by building more affordable housing options in Carrboro.

Local leaders react to Thursday's partial HB2 repeal

Local leaders expressed mixed opinions following the swift passage of House Bill 142, a bipartisan bill to partially repeal House Bill 2.

Michelle Johnson to step down from Carrboro Board of Aldermen

Change is coming for the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. Board of Aldermen member Michelle Johnson announced her plan to resign in May on Tuesday. 

Carrboro Board of Aldermen talks pest management, HB2 at Tuesday's meeting

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen met Tuesday to discuss integrated pest management and the local impact of House Bill 2. Staff writer Erik Beene live-tweeted the meeting. 

Carrboro opens 3 new bike repair stations for local cyclists


The League of American Bicyclists gave Carrboro a silver rating in overall bicycle-friendliness in 2014, but the Carrboro Board of Aldermen and advocacy groups aim to increase this rating to gold within the next few years.