Silent Sam, a controversial monument on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, creates a divide between unaffiliated voters and those who have strong opinions about the decisions regarding this statue. 

History center aims to teach whole history of Civil War South

“I think the Silent Sam controversy is a perfect example of how we are still struggling with the legacy of the Civil War, and trying to learn its lessons,” Watson said.

Center for Civil Rights

The Center for Civil Rights was founded in 2001 at the UNC School of Law. It was founded by Julius L. Chambers, who became the center’s first director. The center works to end the inequalities facing minorities and low income people. They try to achieve this through litigation, scholarly research and activism. 

The current director of the center is Ted Shaw.

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The Van Hecke-Wettach Hall hosts UNC's School of Law.

UNC Center for Civil Rights under threat

UNC Board of Governors will vote on whether to pass a litigation ban against the UNC Center for Civil Rights in early September. The ban would prevent the center from representing clients and acting as legal counsel to any party.