Topics: Chapel Hill 2020

Chapel Hill 2020 is a plan approved by Chapel Hill Town Council in 2012 that plans to shape the vision and growth of the town. The plan is a reflection of values and visions that imagine an accessible, affordable and sustainable place to live. It asserts the importance of the community’s natural resources as well as the value of a vibrant downtown area and active neighborhoods.

The five “Big Ideas” of the plan involve increasing bike-ability and walkability, increasing enterprise on Rosemary Street, emphasizing Chapel Hill as a recreational destination, increasing the ratio of workforce housing and establishing community and neighborhood support. The plan is to have all of these goals accomplished by 2020.

The full plan can be found here.

Chapel Hill sees changes to town signage

A set of ordinances that helps Chapel Hill keep its small town charm is getting major updates.

As it stands, downtown Chapel Hill businesses face a complicated set of procedures for setting up signage. The regulations are mostly text-based and difficult to understand; business owners and even sign companies find themselves unaware of what they can and can’t do when designing exterior space.

Looking forward with the Chapel Hill 2020 plan

Achieving the goals put in place in the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan is easier said than done.

The plan is not necessarily set to be completed by the year 2020, as its name suggests, but can be seen as a play on words for residents to have 20/20 vision looking forward, said Megan Wooley-Ousdahl, a community sustainability planner for the town of Chapel Hill.

Developers weary of affordable housing in Chapel Hill


Despite the town’s best efforts, hopeful developers still face challenges when trying to build and manage affordable housing complexes.