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Chapel Hill Transit aims to provide safe, convenient, affordable, reliable and responsive public transportation services to the Chapel Hill area as well as UNC communities. There are many different types of public transportation offered, including fixed-bus services. EZ rider service is available for the mobility challenged. Tar Heel Express is a park and ride shuttle service for special events. Chapel Hill Transit also oversees the taxi franchise approval and renewals according to town code.

Looking for a ride? GoTransit is going free for a day


GoTransit will offer free rides Thursday as a part of Try Transit Week — an initiative to increase ridership in the Triangle.  

P2P Express celebrates 25 year anniversary


The Point-To-Point Express is celebrating its 25th year in operation this school year, and the celebration includes many new gifts for students.

P2P system integral to the first-year experience


There's rain streaking the windows of the bus as it rumbles along Stadium Drive, stopping behind a Carolina Livery bus for several minutes and then finally swerving around it once the driver has checked to see that the path is clear.

Chapel Hill officials work together to prepare for Franklin Street Halloween


The planning for next year's Halloween will begin on Nov. 1. 

Chapel Hill Transit bus involved in accident on Stadium Drive

First-year Louis Rabinowitz and his father, James Rabinowitz, said they were involved in a minor car accident with a Chapel Hill Transit bus on Monday around 6:30 p.m. The bus was on the A route on campus.

Chapel Hill takes step toward cleaner transit with new buses

The Chapel Hill Town Council recently approved two resolutions to replace up to 53 buses with newer, energy efficient diesel buses. The resolution aims to replace the town's older buses, 42 of which are over 14 years old.

Chapel Hill Transit looks into revamping bus stops

On any given day, hundreds of Chapel Hill and Carrboro residents rely on Chapel Hill Transit to get them to and from work, school and businesses.

Electric buses to be reconsidered by Chapel Hill Town Council

Chapel Hill Town Council will reconsider the possibility of electric buses as a way to reduce emissions.

Chapel Hill Transit discusses new bus route


new-bus-route-0121Chapel Hill Transit is drafting its recommendation for a new bus route and it’s looking for residents’ input.

J bus driver is the captain of quotes


It’s not everyday that a person can get on a bus and see the quote by Woody Allen, “The lion and the calf shall lie down together, but the calf won’t get much sleep.” 

Orange County light rail in early planning stages

Riding the bus to and from work is a reality for most Chapel Hill residents. But as Orange County continues to grow, serious constraints are put on transportation infrastructure.

Chapel Hill Transit differs from other university transit systems


Students across the country often rely on bus transportation to take them around campus and to class. But during the summer, with such a decrease in the student population, do these transit services save money?

Student hit by bus on South Campus

On Thursday afternoon, a student in a wheelchair was hit by a bus at the intersection of Skipper Bowles Road and Manning Drive, by Craige residence hall on South Campus. 

Randy Young, spokesman for Department of Public Safety, confirmed the student was struck by a bus and was taken to UNC hospitals. 

Young said the student was alert and conscious.

Chapel Hill Transit employees ready for more snow

At 3 a.m. today, when most residents were sound asleep, Chapel Hill Transit employees were already working to make sure roads were safe and bus stops were serviceable and also communicating with town and University officials.

LUX buses stir debate about transit rules


Some Chapel Hill residents are debating the effect that private transit services are having on public transportation, sparked by the arrival of LUX at Central Park shuttles.

Low gas prices keep public transit fares down

Cheaper gas prices are doing more for Chapel Hill residents than just lowering costs at the pump — it might impact local public transit systems.

Chapel Hill Transit plans to replace 45 buses

A few new sets of wheels will soon be hitting the streets of Chapel Hill.

Transit student fee looking at increase

Students might see their transportation fees go up by about $30 in the next academic year.

Rural revamp of bus system approved in Orange County

Eco-friendly Orange County just got a little greener after commissioners approved a five-year bus expansion program to begin in early spring.

Chapel Hill Transit presents new study to public

Chapel Hill Transit held a public workshop Wednesday to present an update on the North-South corridor study and receive input from the public on the study.

Chapel Hill Transit receives grant for new buses

The Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization awarded Chapel Hill Transit more than $1 million, which will be used to purchase new buses.

Chapel Hill Transit looks to replace older buses


When it comes to buses in Chapel Hill, age is more than a number — it’s a growing problem.

Town council discusses need for new buses and aging fleet

The Chapel Hill Town Council heard a resounding message during its budget work session Wednesday: the town needs new buses.

Some Chapel Hill bus routes limited during summer

When spending summer on the Hill, UNC students have had to adjust how they climb it.

Chapel Hill Transit braces for cuts in federal and state funding


Chapel Hill’s bus system is unlike almost any other in the United States, but it’s not immune to financial problems that plague transit systems everywhere.