Topics: Chapel Hill Public Library

The Chapel Hill Public Library was established in 1958. It was located on West Franklin Street until 1967, when it moved to its current home off of East Franklin Street, at 100 Library Drive. 

The library offers a large selection of books as well as a digital media lab. The library was last renovated in 2011. It moved to a temporary home at University Mall until the renovations were completed in 2013.

Chapel Hill Public Library hosted panel about confederate statues and free speech


The Chapel Hill Public Library hosted a panel to discuss Silent Sam, the purpose of Confederate monuments and free speech on Wednesday night.

Mobile library unveiled in Chapel Hill


The Chapel Hill Public Library unveiled its new pop-up library, the Circulator, at the Chapel Hill Farmer's Market on Saturday.

UNC state libraries awarded federal grants


Kristin Cooper, the first lady of NC, announced Thursday morning that the Chapel Hill Public Library and UNC were Library Services and Technology Act grant awardees recipients, along with 37 others.

Chapel Hill Public Library honors forgotten family history of Harriet Smith


On Sunday, the Chapel Hill Historical Society hosted an event celebrating an Orange County freedwoman, Harriet Smith, who died around 1873, and her five children.

Chapel Hill Public Library grant to fund mobile pop-up library


Library services in Chapel Hill are about to go mobile. Thanks to a nearly $100,000 federal grant, the Chapel Hill Public Library will debut a pop-up library to be completed by late spring of next year.

Poetry springs to life this month in Chapel Hill with haiku project

Roses are red, violets are blue, and this month, Chapel Hill is writing haiku.

Throughout April, the town of Chapel Hill is inviting locals to take part in a haiku project.

New art installation at Chapel Hill Public Library first technological art in town

There is one place in Chapel Hill where it’s possible to see Mama Dip in her kitchen, Franklin Street in the 1930s, a student skateboarding off a frat house and a UNC basketball game in under five minutes — the Chapel Hill Public Library. 

Dogs fill the public library for mental health fundraiser

It’s usually a rare sight to see dogs at the Chapel Hill Public Library, but not too rare when it advocates for mental health.

Chapel Hill Public Library installs new speedy technology

On Friday, the Chapel Hill Public Library introduced a new piece of technology that will revolutionize the way books are sorted.

Local writers kick off National Novel Writing Month

“Ready, set, write!”

The clicking and clacking of fingers frantically typing filled the Root Cellar Cafe as a 15-minute "writing blast" commenced. 

An evening with authors to celebrate 50 years of the ACLU


The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina is dedicated to racial justice among many other things.

The Chapel Hill Public Library hosted authors, Kenneth Janken and Joseph Mosnier Thursday to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of ACLU-NC.

Chapel Hill Public Library seeks new mission statement


Following the 2013 renovation of the Chapel Hill Public Library, the library staff is also looking to update their current mission statement.

Artists chosen for Banned Books week competition


Linnea Lieth, a junior studio arts major at UNC, used a medium of colored pencils on canvas to create a visual depiction of William Faulkner’s "As I Lay Dying" for the Banned Books week competition. 

“I loved the novel the second time I read it,” Lieth said, “I understand that communities are trying to protect through challenging books, but I think that’s wrong. All books have important things to say.”

Carrboro library still struggles to find location

In downtown Carrboro, the town’s hip crowd has access to everything they could ever desire: coffee shops, an organic market and a community arts theater.

North Carolina ACLU rings in 50 years of local activism

When weighing the ethics of requiring their police to wear body cameras this past spring, the town of Carrboro got help from attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina.

Poll: Book-banning gets approval boost

Since its release in 1951, J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” has sold more than 65 million copies, and in that time, it has continually created a firestorm of debate over its fluent profanity. 

Having fun isn’t hard with a Chapel Hill library card


Having fun isn’t hard when you’re one of more than 36,000 people with a Chapel Hill Public Library card.

Panel discusses Harper Lee’s new novel at Chapel Hill Public Library


A panel gathered at Chapel Hill Public Library on Tuesday to discuss “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee and her new novel that was released that same day.

Public housing residents receive free laptops

Chapel Hill public housing resident Memunatu Kamara now no longer has to share one computer in her household with seven people.

Former Efland Cheeks teacher joins Chapel Hill panel on diversity in education


Omar Currie, a former third-grade teacher at Efland Cheeks Elementary School, didn't think he was doing something brave when he read a children's book that features a relationship between two men to his class.