Topics: Chapel Hill Town Council

Chapel Hill’s Town Council is responsible for guiding Chapel Hill and making policy decisions. The town has a council/manager form of government, which means council members are responsible for the town’s legislative responsibilities. There are nine members on the council, which is headed by the mayor. The current mayor of Chapel Hill is Mark Kleinschmidt. The mayor is elected every two years.

Council members are non-partisan and are not given a designated district to represent. They are elected to four-year terms. Elections take place in November of odd-numbered years. The council is advised by the town manager, who carries out the policies and directives of the council.

Chapel Hill hosts forum to meet town council candidates


Staff writer Gregory Hall reports live from a forum introducing the town council candidates.

Is the Blue Hill District prone to flooding?

Concerns about stormwater runoff and flooding in the Blue Hill District continue to be voiced as the area expands with new developments. 

The Blue Hill District, formerly known as the Ephesus-Fordham District, covers around 180 acres of land between South Elliott Road, East Franklin Street, Fordham Boulevard and Ephesus Church Road. 

Campaigning at a cost in Chapel Hill, Carrboro


In the 2015 Chapel Hill mayoral race, the two front runners, Pam Hemminger and Mark Kleinschmidt,  spent a combined total of $53,603.58 on their campaigns. 

Q & A with Town Council candidate Rachel Schaevitz


Rachel Schaevitz is a UNC alum running for a seat on Chapel Hill’s Town Council. Staff writer Simrann Wadhwa spoke with her about why she is running, her platform and what she hopes to accomplish. 

Chapel Hill Town Council approves 'Brunch Bill' and Health Care Expansion

Chapel Hill Town Council met to discuss Special Use Permits for Alpha Phi sorority, Wegmans grocery store and Signature Health Care Expansion on Wednesday.They also approved alcohol sales on Sunday after 10 a.m. 

Carrboro Youth Advisory Board inspires civic engagement

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.11.38 PM

Randee Haven-O’Donnell first developed an interest in government at the age of 15, when she joined a high school group that discussed current events and politics. 

Chapel Hill Town Council meets Sept. 13


Follow along with our live coverage at the Sept. 13 meeting of the Chapel Hill Town Council here:

Write-in candidate running for Chapel Hill Mayor

Write-in candidate Eugene Farrar announced he would run for mayor alongside incumbent Mayor Pam Hemminger for Chapel Hill Town elections in November. 

Chapel Hill Town Council discusses preparing for tropical storms, living wage and construction


Check here for live updates from the Chapel Hill Town Council meeting:

Chamber of Commerce calls for removal of Silent Sam


The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce released a statement on Aug. 28 that supported the recent requests for the removal of UNC’s confederate soldier statue, Silent Sam, and apologized for their past support of segregation before the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. 

Upcoming town elections could improve diversity in local governance


Chapel Hill residents will head to the polls to vote in Town Council and mayoral elections Nov. 7 and choose from one of the most diverse pools of candidates in recent years.

Town council member asks community to sponsor hateful comments in #DonateAgainstHate campaign

Chapel Hill town council member Jessica Anderson took to Facebook to express her disdain for Silent Sam after last week's protests at the monument. 

Organization endorses candidates to make Chapel Hill more livable


In a matter of years a community-based political organization has cemented its role in Chapel Hill politics. Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town (CHALT) endorsed Mayor Pam Hemminger as well as council members Jessica Anderson and Nancy Oates in the 2015 local elections. 

Chapel Hill Town Council met Monday to discuss homelessness and light rail

The Chapel Hill Town Council heard an update on the Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness and discussed the Durham-Orange Light Rail Project at a business meeting Monday night. Staff writer Doug Dubrowski live-tweeted the meeting.

Chapel Hill Town Council hears updates on mobility plan, discusses West Rosemary Street development

The Chapel Hill Town Council held a public hearing Monday to discuss the town's mobility plan and Franklin Street celebrations after the UNC men's basketball national title.

Chapel Hill Town Council discusses downtown parking and Orange County Transit Plan

The Chapel Hill Town Council discuss parking options for the town and the Orange County Transit Plan at a work session Wednesday night. Staff writer Grace Caroline Larcade live-tweeted the meeting.

Chapel Hill extends on-street parking time limit to 3 hours


The Town of Chapel Hill extended maximum time limits for on-street parking in downtown Chapel Hill from two to three hours on April 1 to reduce stress for diners and shoppers.

Chapel Hill Town Council discusses affordable housing, pedestrian paths and Land Use Management Ordinance

The Chapel Hill Town Council meeting Wednesday night started with applause for the UNC men’s basketball team’s national championship win.

Chapel Hill Town Council develops American Legion task force


The Town of Chapel Hill has been in the process of purchasing the 36-acre American Legion property on Legion Road since December. 

Local leaders react to Thursday's partial HB2 repeal

Local leaders expressed mixed opinions following the swift passage of House Bill 142, a bipartisan bill to partially repeal House Bill 2.