Black students are three times more likely to be sent to the office, a Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools report found. Simon Lee (center) advocates for fairer disciplinary policies in the system. 

Black students suspended five times the rate of white students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

Simon Lee was relaxing on a bench outside Chapel Hill High School’s library. He says he wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary — he was gossiping, joking with friends before his free period. Nothing he should have been disciplined for. 

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is one of two public schools systems in Orange County. The system is run by the CHCCS Board of Education, which is comprised of seven elected officials who hold four-year terms. Under the board is the superintendent. The current superintendent is Tom Forcella.

The district includes 11 elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools, a middle college with Durham Technical Community College and a school for children at UNC Hospitals. These schools serve more than 12,000 students across Orange County.

Learn more about the district's Board of Education here

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Carrboro High School revamps international studies program

When UNC freshman Eliza Filene was at Carrboro High School, her involvement in the Academy of International Studies took her from Carrboro to Decatur, Ill., to Haiti — and due to the redevelopment of the program this year, more Carrboro students will be following in Filene’s footsteps.

Common Core could face end in NC

The Common Core, a set of national standards for measuring student achievement in K-12 English and math, is in limbo in North Carolina following state lawmakers’ decision to review the standards.