4/24/2018 7:08pm

Rosa del Carmen Ortez-Cruz posed for a portrait showing her scars on her stomach from when she was stabbed by her former partner in Honduras.

Chapel Hill church provides sanctuary for undocumented resident

Sitting on a tan couch on a Friday afternoon, Rosa del Carmen Ortez-Cruz and a visiting friend crocheted intricate stitches of thin, pink yarn into a small spiral, about half the size of Ortez-Cruz’s palm.  This is how Ortez-Cruz has spent most of her time over the past two weeks — crocheting, reading the Bible, sewing and learning English — all within the confines of her office-turned-bedroom, 50 miles away from her family and home. 

4/24/2018 12:24am

First year Ashley Boldt says Uber is helpful for out-of-state students like herself who don’t always have access to a car on campus.

Uber everywhere: ridesharing companies used for a variety for a reasons

UNC first-year Ashley Boldt typically uses Uber several times a week. Without a car on campus, the service lets her go to the supermarket, the airport and to destinations off-campus with her friends.   A good Uber driver is on time, doesn’t scare her with their driving and is generally a nice person, Boldt said. Occasionally, she said she has had drivers that have made her feel uncomfortable. “A few times I’ve seen my drivers go off the route of the GPS and I always get nervous for a second, even if nothing has ever come of it,” she said. 

4/18/2018 10:37pm

Senior Psychology major Leah Daniel volunteers as a Doula at the UNC Hospitals.

Midwives continue to serve mothers in the modern age of medicine

Though the practice has fallen in and out of popularity in the U.S. as medicine has become increasingly professionalized, midwives today deliver about 15 percent of births at UNC Hospitals.   “There’s a lot more interest today in women to have more say in their healthcare and more involvement in their labor and pregnancy,” said Kathy Higgins, the division director of midwifery services in the UNC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  “For midwives, that is their basic philosophy, in providing education and supporting them in their desires for their pregnancy and birthing experience.” 

4/18/2018 7:52pm


Here's where and how you can early vote in Orange County

Early voting for the Orange County primary election opens this Saturday and will last until Saturday, May 5. The early voting sites include the Hillsborough Board of Elections, the Carrboro Town Hall, the Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill, Efland Ruritan Club Building and the Seymour Senior Center in Chapel Hill. 

4/16/2018 8:48pm

The solar panels near Maple View Farm are an example of the solar energy powered by Duke Energy.

Duke Energy aims to reduce energy usage in Orange County

Duke Energy Progress, the Triangle’s Duke Energy affiliate, a new energy saving program known as EnergyWise Home. The project aims to reduce energy usage during peak periods this summer. This and other projects are representative of Duke Energy’s environmental push over the last several years both to save money and to use less power. 

4/15/2018 10:08pm

El Centro Hispano also has a location on W Weaver Street in Carrboro, which opened in 2015.

Hispanic community holds forum to inform residents following recent ICE detainments

The value of the Hispanic community in Carborro and the peace of mind immigrants should be allowed in the community was emphasized at the "Know Your Rights" event.   "Trust is a hard thing to gain and an easy thing to lose,” Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood said. “We're willing to do the work to gain your trust if you're willing to give it to us."