12/5/2017 7:37pm

Though Chapel Hill businesses see a decrease in revenue as students go home for winter break, it is mediated by an increase in patronage by local families.

Winter is coming, but local businesses are ready

As the stress of finals week concludes and UNC students leave town, Chapel Hill businesses will look to permanent residents to fill their shops and restaurants.  Katie Loovis, vice president for external affairs at the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, said the total economic impact of winter break is felt most strongly by restaurants and retail but is less extreme than one may think.  Although roughly 30,000 students leave for the break, Loovis said many University faculty, hospital staff and international students stay in town, meaning Chapel Hill shops continue to serve a large customer base. 

12/5/2017 7:25pm

Amina's Gift, a local nonprofit, buys and sells art from Africa to raise money to send children in Zimbabwe and South Africa to school. Photo courtesy of Terrence Brayboy. 

Q&A with founder of local nonprofit Amina's Gifts

UNC alum Terrence Brayboy is a founder and member of the Board of Directors for the local organization Amina's Gift. The nonprofit buys and sells art from communities in Africa to raise money to support schoolchildren in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Staff writer Simrann Wadhwa talked with Brayboy about the organization. 

12/4/2017 9:02pm

Hannah Feinsilber.jpg

WOTS: Where do you go to relax after exams?

With finals looming overhead, more students are hitting the town after long study sessions. Staff writer Kari Larsen asked people on campus, “Where do students go in town to relax after studying or exams?”

12/4/2017 7:22pm

Photo illustration. Local bartenders and bouncers are cracking down on fake IDs as ALE presence is rising. 

State and local ALE departments play different roles within the community

Only 109 agents of the State Bureau of Investigation are tasked with enforcing alcohol law in the 100 counties that make up North Carolina. Yet the presence of Alcohol Law Enforcement is strongly felt in Chapel Hill.  The state agency makes up for its relatively small size by forming partnerships with local police departments, sheriffs and district attorney's offices, ALE Special Agent in Charge Bryan House said.  “We work with stakeholders of all kinds to try and solve problems as they relate to alcohol and places that sell alcohol specifically whether they be legal or illegal,” he said. “Typically, what that looks like for us is we take an all-crimes approach as it relates to enforcement and that is at places that sell alcohol, specifically.”

11/30/2017 7:42pm

Perennial Coffee and Pastries barista Anna Kasibhatla creates a new brew: a grapefruit infused spiced maple latte.

Review: Chapel Hill's best coffee shops for studying

With exam season upon us, students might want to get away from campus and study in a more inviting atmosphere. Staff writer Grant Allen ventured to three local coffee shops to review their atmospheres, menus and accessibility.