Topics: Class registration

Class registration at UNC-Chapel Hill is done online through ConnectCarolina. Students are given a specific time to register for classes, which is determined by how many terms of residence the student has. 

Students with more terms in residence are given the earliest times. 15 credit hours equals one term in residence. Student may receive a hold on their account for a number of reasons, including academic or monetary.

Class registration at UNC used to require waiting in lines, signing up over the phone

Class registration has always been a source of stress for students at UNC.

Differences in dropped class policy confuse students

The class of 2017 is the last group of UNC undergrads to have until Oct. 18 to drop courses from their schedule without it showing on their transcripts as a withdrawal. 

Electronic transcripts now available at UNC

Ordering a transcript just got a lot quicker.

New majors open to students, like quantitative finance or environment and science communication

UNC is offering several new academic programs that are creatively blurring the lines between disciplines.

ConnectCarolina leaves students stranded

It’s not uncommon for one class meeting to be called off at the last minute, but this semester, a few students were surprised to see classes vanish altogether.

Registrar glitch incorrectly made some students academically ineligible

This time, ‘the bug’ wasn’t contagious — it just incorrectly changed students’ academic eligibilities.