1/19/2018 3:06am


Column: How we wear what we wear

I love pants. If there is one article of clothing that I invest most of my money in, it’s pants. The best pants I find are ones that can hug my hips, accentuate my short stature and stretch out to accommodate any asymmetrical places.

1/9/2018 6:58pm

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Column: New semester, renewed mission

Winter break is over. We’re back and ready to report. Spring is a time of growth, and that is what you should expect from this semester’s The Daily Tar Heel. 

11/30/2017 10:29pm

Column: Rural America is more than just white people

Last year’s presidential election opened my eyes to one thing: Many Americans have a largely inaccurate perception of rural America. More specifically, the racial makeup of rural America. Yes, much of Middle America and the Bible Belt is largely white and largely conservative. However, that is not the case everywhere. 

11/28/2017 9:27pm

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Column: Municipalize the Internet

As it currently stands, the Federal Communications Commission is planning to repeal net neutrality. Net neutrality effectively prevents internet service providers from being able to slow speeds for those websites and internet users who don’t pay extra. 

11/28/2017 8:59pm


Column: We must trust, but verify

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a whirlwind of accusations leveled against political figures. Some of those alleged of malfeasance already hold power, like Al Franken, a Democratic senator from Minnesota. Others are ascendant, like Senate candidate Roy Moore, the aspirant Republican from Alabama.