4/6/2017 12:41am

Opinion editor Tyler Fleming

Column: We’re gonna stick around

I always had a feeling I would end up in journalism. Growing up, newspapers were always strangely a part of my life even though I didn’t personally know any journalists.

4/4/2017 1:25am

Online managing editor Danny Nett

Column: This… is The Daily Tar Heel

Somewhere between fumbling to lay out a map of print distribution and sending tweets and trying to write this column last night, the reality of everything finally hit me: For me and the other seniors here, this is it.

3/31/2017 12:03am

Column: Literally just give everyone money

There are a little over 150 million employed people in the United States: about 3.4 million drive trucks, taxis, buses or delivery vehicles, meaning that more than one in every 50 workers in the U.S. operates a motor vehicle. 

3/30/2017 1:08am

Platform: Make The Daily Tar Heel earn your trust

Opinion Editor Tyler Fleming is the only candidate running to be the 2017-18 editor-in-chief of The Daily Tar Heel. He is a junior political science and history major from Randleman, and this is a short version of his platform.

3/28/2017 11:54pm

Mejs Hasan

Column: The Darth Vader Institute

We all know the southern part of heaven is in North Carolina — but what soft and wondrous summits rim the northern part? I think it must be in Sweden. 

3/27/2017 10:53pm

Column: What's up, I love my dog

Growing up as an anxious child made me both curious and scared of everything. Our family chihuahua, Lily, always seemed to know something that I didn't — that food and sleep were more valuable than money, that my parents deep down were caring people and that things were probably going to be OK. 

3/26/2017 11:19pm

Columnist Benji Schwartz

Column: Politics isn’t like real estate

I’ll always remember one of my first poli sci classes at UNC when the professor asked us to define politics. Someone raised their hand and said in Latin “poli” means many and “ticks” are small bloodsucking termites. 

3/24/2017 12:01am

Newsroom director Alison Krug

Column: I still don't speak French

Up until just a few weeks ago, I’d never traveled outside the United States. The farthest I’d traveled is Austin, Texas, which is essentially a satellite colony of Carrboro and therefore doesn’t count.

3/22/2017 12:10am

Column: A case study of narcissism

The NPI-16 is an index which is commonly used in social science research to evaluate an individual’s level of narcissism. Below is each item on that index, coupled with quotes from a respondent who was evaluated as highly narcissistic.