4/19/2018 8:36pm

Liz Zarzar and Lydia English browse through records at Schoolkids Records in Chapel Hill.

Independent record stores are alive — and this Record Store Day, they're ready to sell out

Record stores are alive and well, and Record Store Day wants to make sure you know it. Featuring band appearances, limited edition records and tons of exclusives, there is no better time to start or expand your collection. Come out this Saturday, April 21, to local record stores, such as Schoolkids Records, to get special deals and merchandise.  Current UNC students, such as sophomore Robert Fisher, have found a sense of passion and sentimentality through buying records. “If they’re my favorite albums from (an artist), I feel like I need them in a physical form for some reason,” Fisher said. “It’s also a good way to keep track of your favorite albums through time.” 

4/20/2018 12:39am

UNC alum and Grammy-nominated country singer, Tift Merritt, is performing in Memorial Hall on April 20. Photo by Alexandra Valenti.

Grammy-nominated singer Tift Merritt discusses her return to UNC

UNC alum, Raleigh native Tift Merritt is on tour with her recent album "Stitch of the World," which she recorded in four days, and she is stopping to perform at her alma mater. Having started a band as a student, she says for those considering a music career to have courage and ask the hard questions.

4/18/2018 8:41pm

Allison Coleman, American, born 1977: Pine-Sol, 2017, oil on panel, 24 x 48 inches. Collection of the artist.

MFA class of 2018 debuts final work with "Versus"

The UNC Masters of Fine Arts Class of 2018 is set to display their selected works under the theme “versus” at the Ackland Art Museum. Each artist will show their own interpretation of the broader theme they share as a cohort.

4/17/2018 9:47pm

Caleb Puchalski, a.k.a. Doris Locht, puts on makeup. Photo by Summer Lawrence.

Who will be crowned Miss Womanless 2018? You decide!

 “The talent portion is quite incredible,” said Grayson Hahn, who will be competing under the name Belle Tower. “We have a lot of interesting and unexpected talents from people that I think people will be very surprised to see. It’s very entertaining and very funny.” 

4/16/2018 7:15pm

Emily Callahan

Here are some UNC students’ favorite concert memories

With summer break just weeks away, outdoor concert and music festival memories are on the brain. Whether students have traveled to distant states for concerts or seen bands perform right here in Chapel Hill, everyone who has gone to concerts seems to have one that stands out in their memory. Staff writer Becca Fiely asked UNC students, “Have you been to any concerts — and if so, which was your favorite one?”